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  • Paris Observatory, Building B, 3rd floor
  • Coffee and croissant at 9h30.



  • Observation Facility nomenclature

  • VOFacility data model

  • Convergence of Observation Facility name resolver (IMCCE) / observatory matrix (IWF) 

Discussion items

General Presentation (Baptiste Cecconi)

  • Notes on IWF work
    • Merging done by Tarek (scripts) and Manuel (runs and checks)
    • JSON formatted output, including all alternateNames as a list (with source, name and id from list)
    • Various merging paths:
      • direct match (name_listA = id_listB or name_listA = name_listB or id_listA = id_listB)
      • fuzzy match (added location match , ...)
      • inclusion match (compare partial parts of names)
  • Next steps 
    • send example from IWF to IMCCE
    • identify and prioritize new lists to merge
    • implement "merge new lists in merged_list"
    • how to update information from updated lists
    • import into matrix of observatories ? 
    • how to proceed with webservices ? needed ? 
    • plan a meeting for final merge step ? 

Extra discussion with Mireille Louys

Discussion on granularity / levels of description. Examples:

  • SRN-NDA-Routine
    • SRN (Station de Radioastronomie de Nançay) = Observatory
    • NDA (Nançay Decameter Array) = Telescope
      => accurate location (mostly) + pointing 
    • Routine = Instrument
  • Same for SNR-NDA-NewRoutine
  • Cassini-RPWS-HFR
    • Mission = Cassini
    • Spacecraft = Cassini ou Cassini Orbiter => location 
    • Experience = RPWS (Radio Plasma Wave Science) (<=> Telescope) => pointing
    • Instrument = HFR (High Frequency Receiver)
  • Cassini-VIMS
  • Cassini-Huygens-DISR
  • Voyager2-PRA-HB
    • Mission = Voyager
    • Spacecraft = Voyager 2
    • Experience = PRA (Planetary Radio Astronomy)
    • Instrument = HB (High Band) 
    • Observatory = LOFAR = ILT (International LOFAR Telescope) => location of interferometer center of phase 
    • LOFAR station = each node of LOFAR interferometer => location of each node
    • Telescope / Instrument = LBA (Low Band Antenna array) or HBA (High Band Antenna array) for each LOFAR Station => coarse beam pointing 
    • Analog to digital conversion  = analog front-end
    • Instrument (imager ou spectrum) = software in central computing facility => pointing
  • Same issues with CTA, SKA, VLA... 

What are the search criteria for resource identification in a discovery search from a scientist ?

  • Name of the instrument ? (such as STIS on HST)
  • Name of Instrument + InstrumentHost ? (such as VIRTIS/Rosetta or Cassini/Mag) => note the order can change between communities...

Brief exploration of NASA/PDS4 information model

Example of a context product for MAVEN (description of the instrument_host):

NB: PDS4 is an implementation of OAIS standard.

NASA/PDS4 Information model is available here: (version

Internal_reference relations are listed here:

Action items


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