See also VESPA Data provider on-boarding process

ServiceInstitute name (for gitlab)Server name (host)Service nameStatus (Feb2022)Contact (name, email)

SPHERE asteroid images and shape models (LAM, Marseille)


Pierre Vernazza,

MOVIS asteroids NIR colors (AIRA, Bucarest)

AIRAaira_dachs (TBC)movis

Marcel Popescu,

PDS PPI (UCLA + Iowa Univ)

PDS-PPI (test service)• Many services installed on server (65 as of end of April) - any reason to keep PDS datasets separated? Try and group if possible 
• Only one service on gitlab 

Steve Joy,

In Sook Moon,

Sunspots and coronal holes catalogues (ROB, Brussels)



• service installed on server
• Initial version on gitlab

Véronique Delouille,• service installed on server
• Initial version on gitlab

Asteroid data catalogues - MP3C (OCA, Nice)



• service installed on server
• q.rd on gitlab
• Being reviewed

Marco Delbo,

Europlanet VESPA: Various services at IRAP (GSO, Toulouse)


transplanet• published, to be upgraded

Jean-Michel Glorian,

cdpp-epntap.irap.omp.euillu67p• published, to be upgraded
cdpp-epntap.irap.omp.euamdadb• published, to be upgraded
climso.irap.omp.euclimso-db• published, to be upgraded (Not yet Dachs)polarbase_planets

Europlanet TA: data from lab and field studies

Gareth Davies,

Europlanet ML (IWF, Graz)

IWF• Initial version on gitlab

Ute Amerstorfer,• published, to be upgraded
+ change service name?• published, to be upgraded
+ change service name?
Europlanet VESPA: OATS (INAF, Trieste)OATSvespa.ia2artecs

Marco Giardino,




1) Find a handy and explicit title for your VO service - this is also used as a directory name under Unix, so keep it simple: this is an acronym rather than a name. You will also define a long name in another place.

No particular syntax rule applies, but special characters (. # - , " ' etc) can't be included. This also has political exposure, so don't call it Apollo13 if you were not the PI (wink) (you should append your project / institute name at least).

See the list of services for inspiration: (in green boxes, presented as: title - long name)

(service_title is used in several situations: this is the service name in queries; the directory name where your service is located on your server; a namespace in the gitlab; and it appears in the table itself to be used in call back mechanisms, if needed).

2) The same rules apply to your server name. You also want to keep it general (it may host other services in the future) and referring to the hosting institute - please identify if this refers to team/institute/University or Observatory/local data center (in particular in France (institute vs CER) but not only). Same thing for Institute name on voparis-gitlab.

In addition, some teams include "epntap" in the server name, other include "tap". But the server has the capacity to host other types of services, so including "dachs" is probably a better choice.

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