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Jan 16th, 2018 -  Aladin beta 10.063 version

These tools recognize the hips_frame keyword of the HiPS properties file. We have extended the supported vocabulary (equatorial, galactic, ecliptic => solar, mercury, venus, earth, moon, mars, jupiter, saturn, ...). If the value is not the 3 celestial coordinate frames, by default, the longitude is inverted for the display. Also, by default Aladin Desktop chooses a spherical projection (SIN) like Aladin Lite.

These developments are still in test phase

Fig.1 : Aladin desktop

Fig.2 : Aladin Lite

Feb 2nd, 2018 -  Aladin beta 10.075 version

• Now 45 HiPS available from Aladin. Generation process has been improved. Best resolution is ~ 100 m/px, ie healpix scale 7 -
• A copy exists on CADC servers.
• Aladin Lite has been modified to handle these planetary HiPS (correct orientation):

Fig. 3: Moon/Clementine & Moon/Kaguya HiPS with a crater catalogue.

• Added HiPS from LROC / WAC Moon map (highest available resolution), with support for STG (Polarstereographic) projections

Fig. 3b: Moon LROC-WAC and derived map.

Fev 12th, 2018 -  Aladin beta 10.076 version

  • Use case is to mosaic all images from a dedicated EPN-TAP server (here HRSC at Frei Univ, Berlin, in dev)
  • This service distributes data as WMS requests on a GIS interface, and also includes png thumbnails and footprints both as bounding boxes and s_region parameter.
  • Somehow we can plot the thumbnails inside the s_region FoV, not sure how we do that (Fig 4)
  • Of course this should be based on the images themselves, not the thumbnails

Fig. 4: Mars images from HSRC/ Mars-Express

Fev 26th, 2018 -  Aladin beta 10.076 version

  • GeoTIFF CRISM cube downloaded via the VO-QGIS plugin (with georeferentiation inside)
  • Converted to fits using routine (Chiara):

    python 22-000043.tif 22-000043.fits -target MARS
    (need to add target name, absent from GeoTIFF file)

  • Opens seamlessly as a cube in Aladin. All functions available, including extraction of spectra (requires extra memory)

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