1) Proposal from SSHADE to be used by SSHADE, CASSIS, and possibly EPN-TAP services providing bandlists (mostly to be integrated in VOTables):

Quantity => Possible UCDComment

position_peak => em.wavenumber (em.wl pour wavelength (µm...), em.enegy (eV...), em.freq (Hz...))

position_center => em.wavenumber.central (em.wl.central, em.enegy.central, em.freq.central)

width_fwhm => spect.line.width

width_asymmetry_factor => spect.line.asymmetry

peak_intensity_abscoef & _specific => phys.absorption.coeff

peak_intensity_relative => phys.absorption.coeff.arith.ratio

peak_intensity_strength => spect.line.strength

integrated_intensity_abscoef & _specific => spect.line.eqWidth (?)

integrated_intensity_relative => spect.line.eqWidth.arith.ratio (?)

integrated_intensity_strength => spect.line.eqWidth.strength (?)

'eqWidth' doesn't fit with  'integrated_intensity'

=> propose  new UCD

2) Need to define an extension for bandlists? (TBC, should not be included directly in EPNCore tables)

But a standard formatting of VOtables for bandlist may be required.

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