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• See current tuto for use of CASSIS in VESPA context:

• Other functions already implemented in v5, to be documented in VESPA:

  • Use with APIS spectral series ("2D spectra"): *_proc files in fits format. SAMP from VESPA to CASSIS, they open with an option to sum or average groups of lines

• To be assessed: Send VVEx 3D and 2D cubes from APERICubes to CASSIS:

  • Need to document fits axes properly - at least an issue with CTYPE, units… see if Calabreta & Gressein spectral standard can/must be used
  • Take the opportunity to add a little more info in the fits header (from the PDS one), so that we can use the fits versions outside APERICubes.
  • That would allow us to reuse the PDS3-fits converter of APERICubes in another context, in view of coming VO access to the PSA
  • Files VT*.CAL in VVEx (from VIRTIS-H) are 2D and very similar to APIS ones (series of successive acquisitions). They have spectral overlaps between orders, so the wvl vector is not regularly increasing. JM Glorian sent us a test python routine to handle this in CASSIS, to be discussed.
  • Files VV*.CAL and VI*.CAL in VVEx (from VIRTIS-M, visible and IR) are 3D (2D spatial vs 1D spectral). See if they can be processed similarly.
  • Additional in APERICubes: see if js9 can return the list of pixels inside a region of interest - that would make it possible to sum/average easily inside any type of ROI (not a priority otherwise)

• Next step will be to try and adapt this to other spectral experiments distributed in the PSA (OMEGA, etc) or elsewhere (VIMS, etc).

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