This section gathers various actions to access data content from EPN-TAP services, including developments during EPN2020.

Only on-going discussions have been moved here.

VESPA user search interface / portal

• The main user interface is located here:
It queries all services at once (other modes are available), formats the results, and connects with VO tools and other environments (ObsParis)
Roadmap for developments: VESPA Portal

• A local VESPA portal can be installed on your machine. This is intended to access services which are only available locally (e.g., on a Virtual Machine) and are not exposed on the Internet.

• Generic TAP clients are also usable (e. g., TapHandle, TAP Library, TOPCAT, and Aladin from v10) but do not provide specific support for EPNCore-based services

EPN-TAP library(ies)

EPN-TAP client libraries have been developed and  included in some VO tools during EPN2020: CASSIS, 3Dview (IRAP/CNRS)

Java implementation:
PHP/JavaScript implementation
: in dev, TBD

Added SAMP plug-ins

Several tools have been updated during EPN2020 to send / receive data through SAMP:

• A plug-in provides SAMP connectivity to QGIS v2.x (Jacobs / GEOPS) — EPN2020

This works under Debian. A pre-packed Virtual Machine is available from JacobsUni with Debian/QGIS/plug-ins installed, for use with other OS
A working version under Mac OS has been seen in April 2018.


• This has been updated for QGIS v3 later: QGIS with VO plugins

• A plug-in provides SAMP connectivity to ImageJ (ObsParis) - currently in input only
Installation and use:

• MATISSE has been provided with SAMP during EPN2020 (ASI/ASDC): Update on integration MATISSE-VESPA

• Autoplot has been provided SAMP during EPN2020 (Iowa Uni): Available tools

Google Sheet Add-on

Allows to query EPN-TAP services from on-line documents: easy access interface through on-line Excel-like sheet (Graz)
The preview of the tool can be found here >>
A short tutorial describing basic features and usage can be found here:
(EPN2020 dev)

Links to various environments (tutorials)

Are being defined:

EPN-TAP files retrieving interface

A set of web services providing file URL in JSON format, intended for pipeline processing
See this page: File grabbing interface (fgi)

Python interface

Limited to grabbing VOtables sent from VESPA
Info here: VESPA usage for non VO people
Baptiste's exercise during DPS/EPSC 2016 / Astropy for Planetary Science session ("SAMP in python .ipynb")

IDL interface

Limited to reading VOtables downloaded from VESPA
Info here: VESPA usage for non VO people
Stéphane's exercice to read VOtables from IDL - tuto TBD

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