The page below describes the changes introduced in EPN-TAP v2 and provides a table in parameters in both versions.

Once agreed upon, this will be the basis of a new formal document replacing version 1.

List of v2 parameters

Description of v2 parameters

Associated pages:

Standardisation of orbitals parameters:  orbital parameters

Small bodies sub-types: Small bodies sub-types

Standardisation of spectral descriptions: Spectral quantities in use for Planetary Science

First discussion on jra-t2-data-product-type

Further discussion of dataproduct types

EPN-TAP v2: Current discussion topic

List of  Data Formats and MIME Types

Extending IVOA STC Standard Coordinate System List

Planetary Coordinate Systems

List of EPN-TAP (v1 & v2)   Reserved keywords

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  1. EPN-TAP has been validated by IVOA in Aug 2022 and is now a Recommendation. The final doc is available here: