AAS (American Astronomical Society)The AAS is proposing a list of ground-based facilities, with short names to be used for citations in their journals.
ADS (Astrophysics Data System)The ADS is providing a list of observation facilities



AstroWebAstroWeb provides a web page containing a long list of observation facilities
DSN (Deep Space Network)List of the DSN antennas, as defined by NASA/NAIF/SPICE
IAU (International Astronomical Union) / MPC (Minor Planet Center)The MPC is maintaining a list of observatories with a unique obs code.

(link at MPC is dead at time of writing)

In 2023:



IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility)IRAF is an astronomical data analysis tool



NAIF (NASA Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility)NAIF is developing SPICE (positional and attitude ephemeris of spacecraft), and provides a list of spacecraft codes
NSSDC (National Space Science Data Center)NSSDC is archiving all data acquired from NASA spacecraft

PDS (NASA Planetary Data System)PDS is archiving all planetary data acquired on a NASA spacecraft or experiment.

SANA (Space Assigned Number Authority)SANA is a registry of spacecraft emanating from CCSDS



XephemXephem is tool to display the sky visible from a given location and time. It contains a list of ground observatories
WMO (World Meteorological Organization) / OSCARThe WMO (World Meteorological Organization) has recently set up a tool to search through space observation capabilities (dedicated to meteorological activities of Earth and to space weather)
SPASE (Space Physics Archive Search and Extract)SPASE Registry includes observatory and instrument lists*&authority=SMWG&category=Observatory&all=yes

List of amateur amateur list
NASA/PDSNASA Planetary Data System

web content as of  

astropyUsed with 


(selection of terrestrial obs with source and some aliases). Often from IRAF, with additions

* The attached document may not be up-to-date

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