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This service is mentioned in the proposal (not as a deliverable, but required)

First discussion during NA2 fireball workshop, June 11-12, 2021

About 6 detection networks involved, need to communicate / exchange data.

Beware that some data are proprietary, not public. 

Also includes the IAU meteor database in Bratislava, TBC

Follow-up discussion with Fripon PI in VESPA framework, July 1st:

Pierre Le Sidaner , Stéphane Erard , François Colas

Test case for fireball detection networks

1) EPN-TAP service with identified content:
- table of events/detection/objects
- will include detection from multi or single camera (those are intended to support cross-detection with other networks)
- include external_link to Fripon web site page with detailed info

• The service will be installed in Paris / PADC, curated by IMCCE (S. Vaillant) with data from Marseille LAM (A. Magloire) 

• Start with DR1 catalogue, mostly orbits (best 500 among current 5000 detections):
(this only includes detections from multiple cameras, not single detections)

2) Possible other data services (in the short-term): 
- a VOevent alarm system - based on previous assessment in EPN2020
- meteor showers on Earth: orbits, etc

• VOEvents - either:

  • Export csv and apply mixin under DaCHS
  • Query db, but we need access


• To be identified rapidly, but should start with design of table from DR1 catalogue in IMCCE

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