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SSHADE (Solid Spectroscopy Hosting Architecture of Databases and Expertise) is a sub-network of 20 European contributors from 8 different countries. It will extend the GhoSST (Grenoble astropHysics and planetOlogy Solid Spectroscopy Thermodynamics) infrastructure defined in FP7 programs Europlanet-RI and VAMDC to a large set of contributors in the field of solid spectroscopy, including the major ones. Implementation in the JRA will be followed by a phase of data documentation and validation in VESPA-VA, to ensure consistency and data quality. The resulting service will not only help improve the spectral databases of ices, minerals and organic material, but will also make the state-of-the-art laboratory data readily available as references to interpret observations of planets and small bodies, in particular from spacecraft. The 20 data providers themselves are not beneficiaries.

SSHADE infrastructure development

       Databases infrastructure (years 1 –2)

               • Adaptation of SSDM (data model)

               • Reorganization of databases

               • Rewriting data queries

               • Design for easier data selectionand browse

               • Creation/customization of one database per Lab

       Reorganization of databases

               • Rewriting import parsers (year 1)

               • Tools for easier data import (year 2)

       VO interoperability

       • with VESPA-VO and VAMDC-VO (years 2 –3)

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  • Bernard Schmitt, IPAG, Grenoble (France)





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