Task Description

This task will on one hand develop a specific demonstrator of workflow for data analysis (IAP, Prag), on the other hand design the "Coupled Giant Planet Systems" service, to be later implemented in VA-VESPA (UCL). Additionally, it will enlarge the set of reference data accessible in the 3Dview tool for space mission analysis (GFI Informatique with CNRS).

Task Pages

  • Tools
    • AMDA : Time series analysis tool for Space Physics tool.
    • 3Dview : Tool that offers immediate 3D visualization of spacecraft position and attitude, planetary ephemerides, as well as scientific data representation (observations and models).
    • PropagationTool : Interactive tool to track solar storms, streams and energetic particles in the heliosphere.
    • TREPSSpace physics coordinate and time transformation tool.
    • iPECMAN : Interface for a multi-component spectral analysis of plasma waves.
  • Space Missions
  •  Plasma Datasets in AMDA
    • MAVEN SWEA, STATIC, SWIA, MAG, SEP, LPW, ephemeris data (public) from NASA/PDS made available in AMDA in 2016
    • Rosetta RPC (MAG, ICA, IES, LAP, MIP) and ROSINA (private) from RPC consortium made available in AMDA in 2015
    • Rosetta MAG, ephemeris (public) from ESA/PSA, made available in AMDA in March 2017
    • Juno when released by NASA/PDS (end of March 2017)
  • EPNcore extensions
  • Task Meetings


  • AMDA, Automated Multi Dataset Analysis tool, developed by CDPP
  • 3DView, 3D visualisation tool of solar system objects, spacecraft trajectories and associated data, developed by CDPP 
  • Coupled Giant Planet Magnetospheres


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  1. Any news about the inclusion of our russian colleagues from SINP ? This may have an impact on us if we need to follow their developments

  2. They submitted their proposal to the Russian funding agency about two weeks ago. I will collect some further information on that.

    1. Good, many thanks Manuel !

  3. The webpage http://europlanet-jra3.oeaw.ac.at/ does not exist anymore

    We will need it to refer to/access the EMDAF outputs including the ICPM&DAT catalogue.

    The list of resources is of prime importance for us since it includes tools developed by UCL and IAP that we would need.

    Manuel, any help from Graz on these matters ?

    1. We were asked by the management to redirect the old EPN-websites by now to Europlanet 2020. We are currently migrating the websites to a new and secure server and will bring the EMDAF catalogue back online as soon as possible.

    2. the catalogue is back online now at http://europlanet-jra3.oeaw.ac.at/catalogue/ (and http://iwf.oeaw.ac.at/emdaf/) and the design will soon be slightly adapted to fit EPN2020. The rest of the old JRA3-website will also be redesigned and will then go online again as slimmer version of the original site.