Task Description

This task will provide use cases for the MATISSE plotting tool developed at the Italian Space Agency ASI, specifically to support the Rosetta mission (IAPS). It will also provide an improved European small bodies orbital catalogue, from analysis of all existing data. Finally, it will provide a 3D visualization tool of physical ephemeris based on shape models and spin rates (available at PDS and IAP) with VO interface (OBSParis). The latter will be used e.g., to design multisite observations of occultations by small bodies.

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  • Maria Teresa Capria, IAPS, Rome (Italy)
  • William Thuillot, IMCCE, Observatoire de Paris (France)

  • SsODNet (Solar system Open Database Network at IMCCE)
  • MATISSE (Multi-purpose Advanced Tool for Instruments for the Solar System Exploration) 




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