This page simply lists meetings and workshops organized in the VESPA framework, with links in the wiki (no EPN management meetings included)

This page is intended to keep track of meetings with several VESPA participants for reviewing purpose.

In Europlanet-2020 programme

Internal (VESPA participants only)

(see also SSHADE and AMDA/CDPP internal meetings)

Data services

EPN-TAP Presentation in CDPP (Toulouse), 2015-11-18

Tools & interfaces

EPN-TAP library specifications (Toulouse, Feb 2016)

Atmosphere meeting

LATMOS 20/2/2017

Magnetosphere meeting

IRAP 2/2017

Paris 4/2017

SSHADE-related activity

Training for providers (incomplete)

SSHADE meetings (to be completed)

Surface activity / Aladin meeting

Surface studies with Aladin (Paris Observatory), 2/6/2017

Observation Facilities Meeting

ObsParis, 11/7/2017

EPN-TAP spectroscopy extension & SSHADE

ObsParis, 17/7/2017

Then, splinters during conferences and instrument meetings (Rosetta/VIRTIS, etc)

VESPA VA implementation workshops

Coupled with open call, on invitation

2016, Toulouse

2017, Graz

2018, Prague

2019, Rome

VESPA JRA workshops

Open (with external participants):

Planetary Science Interoperability (at EPSC-DPS, Pasadena, California, USA)

Pasadena, CA/USA, October 2016

Planetary mapping and VO Workshop 2017 (open to participants on registration, co-funded by NA1)

Roscoff, April 2017

Sharing Planetary modelling run results in VESPA (open to participants on registration, co-funded by NA1)

Brussels, November 2017

Laboratory measurements / experimental data sharing in VESPA

Rome, November 2018

2nd Planetary mapping and VO Workshop (open to participants on registration, co-funded by NA1)

St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France, July 2019


Sessions at conferences

see here - conference sessions organized by VESPA participants

Training sessions at EGU / EPSC

see here, VESPA-organised sessions, publicly open

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