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The attached script reads data from the existing and identified lists, and load them into python for processing.

Sample produced by IWF team

IWF (Tarek Al-Ubaidi and Manuel Scherf) developed a code to merge the existing and identified lists. Here is an example output to the code:

Sample produced by IMCCE team

IMCCE (Jonathan Normand and Jérôme Berthier) developed a name resolver system named Quaero (also used used for solar system bodies: SsODNet). Here is an example output of the name resolver:

  • Cassini Spacecraft search:

    {"data":[{"class":["Orbiter","Payload","Extended Mission"],"updated":"2017-05-09","name":"CASSINI","aliases":["1997-061A","25008"],"parent":"Saturn","system":"Saturn","id":"CASSINI","links":{"self":""},"ephemeris":false,"type":"Spacecraft"}],"total":1}
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