Post-doctoral position at IPAG to support the SSHADE database activity  

We are looking for a young PhD that will be the expert in solid  spectroscopy and in the SSHADE database infrastructure of solids
spectroscopy. She/He will help us in the training of our partners and support them in spectroscopic data preparation and import. She/He
will also have scientific activities in determination of optical constant of solids.
The description of the Post-doctoral position can be found at:

Database feeding by the 20 partners

     Coordination of consortium

           • Animation of SSHADE consortium

           • Development of the common ‘band list database’

     Support to consortium

           • 3 SSHADE consortium meetings (years 1, 2, 4)

           • Formation/training of database managers and ‘feeders’ (Years 1 -3)

           • Preparation of documentations and tutorials for providers

           • Technical support to adapt import file & interface to each data set

           • In-situ & on-line support to each database manager

           • Help feed data collected by the visitors of TNA on spectroscopic instruments

     Support to users

           • Tutorials & training for users at conferences (Years 3 -4)

           • Preparation of documentations and tutorials for users

           • On-line support

Time line:



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