Started Oct 2020 (after EPSC / EPN Council), with regular updates

See also here for boxes to check: Planetary Science requirements in the VO

1) Replacement for Toulouse workshop

 Nicolas André

  • Aim for a replacement on line, early December. Organization remains in Toulouse

Solved with online Combined workshop, Nov-Dec 2021, OK

1b) Finalize and publish new services

This is related to both EPN2024 and ANO5 activity in France - the goal is early June 2021 in both cases (RP1 report + VESPA ANO5 evaluation by INSU)

Obvious goals on this time scale include:

  • eCallisto in Geneva
  • GAIA-DEM in IAS / Orsay
  • EIT service in IAS
  • Finalisation of Titan_atm update
  • Finalisation of VVEx update
  • Finalisation of Basecom update
  • Restart of M4ast ingestion
  • Origins service? (asteroid spectra in LESIA)
  • SPICAM + MCD update - almost OK in July 21, review needed
  • Link with MP3C in Nice
  • LuckyStar finalization/publication?
  • Re-publication of Mars_craters_Lagain in Jacobs
  • Lunar craters catalogue?
  • 2 spectral services in DLR, ready to be published
  • Re-publication of NASA dust catalogue in OATS

2) Schedule next workshop similarly

  • Organizing team is Jacobs U - Solved, see above

Report: MS39, postponed to month20 (further delayed — 2 month after combined online workshop)

3) Improve installation docs in parallel with workshops

4) Restart work on VizieR catalogue service

  • Stéphane Erard to prepare a list of actions on both sides (ObsParis, CDS)

Implement special case in the portal for this service if required (pagination related) - this is a deliverable, with high visibility

MS25 - DL is now month 18, but we want to restart this asap, as we're expecting difficulties

  • Baptiste Cecconi + Gilles Landais: migrate discussions on gitlab
  • Cyril Chauvin : improvements on portal side (fix table name via SAMP; show different table handling in portal (no column ordering, allow search on parameters…)
  • Gille Landais / CDS: last small fixes in table
  • Everybody: complete table info from examination of catalogues - will be demanding, even after initial publication

5) Docs

  •  EPN-TAP: Stéphane Erard to finalize from wiki pages (see req from Markus)
  •  Have a try at UML class diagram (Renaud S?) - dropped

Aim = Nov IVOA interop meeting - so we won't wait for this to submit.

  • Think about optimal way to document Provenance in services: as parameters, in service declaration… ? And include this in EPN-TAP doc

6) Restart actions on portal

  •  Cyril Chauvin and Pierre Le Sidaner to scan open tickets and start implementing as much as possible those involving the portal. Don't wait for Spacefrog inputs
  •  The ElasticSearch interface will not replace the parameter-based one but will complement it (see eg,
  •  Find a solution to collect user requirements Nicolas Manaud (MS23 on Spacefrog, DL is now end of May 2021 - but this is difficult to retrieve)
  • study alt modes: using local registry (ANO5 mode, filtered) vs grabbing IVOA registry (requires to fix declaration issues first)
  •  in the portal, finalize Kibana check functions Cyril Chauvin
  • Try and shorten the url sent from the portal (currently includes all service parameters, even when no value is provided, when one parameter has a value) Cyril Chauvin
  • Study if a global param in the service result VOtable can be used to tell the portal to display the table in a given way - the typical case is the preferred unit for the spectral axis.

7) VESPA hubs

We had a first gitlab installed in Paris, then migrated to a dedicated VESPA space + Baptiste's docs (VESPA hubs and associated pages)

  • Finalize migration to new dedicated gitlab, same design
  • Go on with current discussion / design, pick up a solution (either 1 or 3 gitlab; mirrors or not; other repo types… ) - First step is to experiment possible organizations and identify one that works.
  • Everybody update their repo preferences on personal machine side (wink) (+ disable first gitlab for writing? On a service basis)

The main requirement is to secure the service definition files and be able to take over a failing service + to allow VESPA contributors to comment on services.

We need to have it up and running for expansion of services, the absolute Dead Line is end of RP1 (June 2021).

  • Connect with VESPA-cloud activities (eduTEAMS authentication, deployment)
  • go on with service migration, and complete docs!
  • Send invitation to current EPN data providers

8) Finish install of WebGeoCalc in ObsParis

  • Pierre Le Sidaner Apparently configuration files are still needed - this should have been finalized last year ;( To be used with MASER + UWS/OPUS (not open outside, but we need to show some application to the SPICE team)

9) Complete VO-GIS bridge

  • Stéphane Erard : study how to plot local images from WMS/WCS services in Aladin — (get OGC query, grab result, convert to geofit via GDAL) possibly in Jupyter nb. Application to CRISM and HRSC (Jupyter nb done for PDS with VVEx) - started in June 21  (Jupyter nb tuto) but not for WMS, to be completed.
  • Baptiste Cecconi Check if DaCHS now usable with a proxy
  • Test Docker on kubernetes
  • Untangle the funny issues with datalink… - this is partly clarified in July 21, TBC

11) Distant computations

  • Test installation of Jupyter notebooks on servers, to allow users to perform distant computation. Authentication system required. Easier to handle in the notebook, as this evacuates the need for access protocols (ADQL only, no TAP/SAMP). I guess this is the plan for EOSC installs anyway, but this is an explicit request from Small Bodies in French context (could be accommodated at CNES).
    See here for a nice model :
    This relies on VOspace

12) Monitoring

  • Update awstat script / install everywhere Pierre Le Sidaner
  • Clarify stats from both awstats and matomo - this is still very difficult to understand. Check how awstats reacts to TAP queries vs ADQL on server site (e.g., duration of connection)
  • Include awstat filters on gitlab - needs to be usable for RP1 report, June 2021.

13) Infrastructure

  •  EPN-TAP doc update, validate as IVOA REC
  • Validator in taplint
  • Support and Mixin in DaCHS (OK from 2.5)
  • Update services accordingly
  • Update EPN-TAP java lib from IRAP

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