PeopleData Base DescriptionInstitute / TeamShort description of serviceUse case(s) / goalRepresentative image (e.g. data/plot/graph/map)ppt or alike as presentedURL (when relevant)Status
Planetary Spectra Library (including a Europlanet TA)DLR
Lab spectra of minerals and meteorites (emissivity)To be made interoperable with BRL from 2017 workshop, PDS spectral lib and SSHADE   

Almost finalized on 4th day.

DaCHS installed under Docker

OMEGA calibrated cubes & mineralogical maps;
Catalog of areas of interest on Mars;
GAIA-DEM (Solar images)


4 services :

OMEGA cubes are in netcdf.

Maps in fits or cdf (TBC), to be adjusted.

Currently accessible through SItools2. Make data available via EPN-TAP.
Correlate OMEGA with CRISM and HRSC (to come).

Cross study of GAIA-DEM with BASS2000 and related services.

Additional HiPS version of OMEGA maps to be made available from Aladin tree

All 3 services designed and implemented on a subset of data.

Some  reformatting required for OMEGA.

2 OMEGA data services published; solar image one close to.

Thermal infrared observations of asteroids and TNOs from SBNAF EU program

Max Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische PhysikCatalog of derived quantities from many observations (several / target, currently ~ 60,000)Make it interoperable with TNOsarecool service + other observational services in EPN-TAP (M4ast…)

Almost finalized on 4th day.

target_name(s) to be fixed

MarsExpress / Marsis;
MarsExpress / ASPERA data;
Juno images;

U. of Iowa, SwRI

Make data available.

Handle times series with Autoplot and das2server (with changing resolution)

All 3 services ~ designed on 4th day


(Europlanet TA and VESPA)

IPAG/CNRS Grenoble

Access to SSHADE service (from VESPA), focus first on reflectance spectra

Implement SSHADE description to a reasonable level of complexity. This is intended as a quick access to SSHADE data for non-specialists.

Make it usable in CASSIS and SPLAT-VO


Working draft finalized on 4th day on a selection of products.

Need to check UCDs

Coronas measurements (time series in cdf);

Models, using IMPEx architecture



Update of SPICAM and Mars Climate DatabaseLMD/CNRS and LATMOS/CNRS
Mars atmosphere, observations and simulations

Complete with extra vertical profiles (SPICAM) and all modeling scenarios (MCD).
Access to MCD with continuous parameters - dropped, redundant

Add datalink interface to MCD from Spicam (with granule parameters)

SPICAM ~ completed; global scheme to connect the two services identified

MCD: redesigned in principle.

Updated versions published (July 2018)

Server of VOevents  from PSWS and VESPAIRAP/CDPP, ObsParis 


LOFAR test service;
Space weather test service
SRC PAS, Poland


IAP, Prague

Observatory listIWF, Graz
Merge existing lists; feed in the name resolver; set up an EPN-TAP data service. Use with datalink  to call ephemeris services?


LESIA / ObsParis


Update of spectro_planets serviceLESIA / ObsParisCollection of planetary spectra selected from many sources

Mostly an update of data content (new solar spectrum) and some parameters

Retrieve physical ephem in q.rd to put them in the table? Accurate time is not always available…


Done in May

JacobsUni, Bremen


NASA dust catalogue update;

VIR service

IAPS, Rome

Images and X-ray spectra of particles collected from airplane.

Dawn/VIR data archive

Update ndcs service to v2, including digitized spectra for ~ half the samples (from J. Lassue, IRAP) & publish.

VIR: links to data areas of cubes in SBN/PDS. Try and use datalink to link PDS labels together with the data - this has then to be handled in MATISSE for further processing.

Discuss future services:
comet emission lines service;
dust dynamics around 67P.


Dust catalogue rebuilt with csv file and epn-tap2 mixin.

Need to remove previous v1-like version of ndcs from registry to publish this one


• All teams produced a service approaching working order

• Some selected service projects are nearly finalized (on VMs) and almost ready for publication.

• The presence of Markus was very valuable for service providers - again. New insights on using datalink to trigger simulations

• Progress on publication method

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  1. Not that it matters much, but for the sake of accuracy, the Mars Express MARSIS service was finalized on the 2nd day.  The U. Iowa group didn't know that we were supposed to give a short presentation until another group presented their prototype server.

    1. OK, thanks. This page is mostly to favor exchanges among participants, and for the sake of reporting in the Europlanet programme later - we try not to make this competitive and to keep it informal, so we're not pressing the attendees. But illustrations are welcome (wink)