PeopleData Base DescriptionInstitute / TeamShort description of serviceUse case(s) / goal / to do listRepresentative image (e.g. data/plot/graph/map)ppt or alike as presentedURL (when relevant)Status

André Csillaghy

e-Callisto Data Access. Solar radio data archives, ~17 million files in fits (47 stations, 10 years of observation)Institute for Data Science, SwitzerlandDynamic spectra

√ Give access through EPN-TAP, ingest test subset

• Publish
• connect with das2
• Add services/links through datalink

Almost finalized on 4th day.

DaCHS installed under Docker

Henrik Hargitai

Matyas Gede

Database of planetary maps (metadata in Xcel file, several sheets)

Commission on Planetary Cartography, Hungary

Description of historical planetary maps, with some links, sometimes original photographs on a web site.

Include descriptions and provide available links + some extra info on a web site (to be linked to also)

Feature catalogues are also listed (with description only in most cases)- this will be a second table.

• link info about quadrangles and ref systems (being reformatted)


Table parsed and ingested in q.rd (from Xcel file).

DaCHS installed under Docker

Ed Cloutis

HoserLab spectra (data/metadata in Xcel files, extra doc in a large Word file)

Uni Winnipeg, CanadaLab spectra of minerals and meteorites

To be made interoperable with other spectral libs (2 in Berlin + PDS_spectral_lib + SSHADE draft)

Link to Xcel files in a first step - metadata to be extracted from there anyway. First make it more uniform to prepare script parsing.

First draft + Table partly parsed and ingested in q.rd from Xcel files.

Design OK.



Server of VOevents from PSWS and VESPAIRAP/CDPP, ObsParis

 4 services:

  • fireballs
  • lunar flashes
  • comet disconnection
  • solar wind pulse

3 services for detection; need to be connected to PVOL

1 service for prediction (solar wind pulse); need to change VOtable for VOevent

• Include items from (SE) internal review last week.



Service prototyped; corrections to be made before finalization; link with PVOL to be discussed


Run on Request



Service associated to PSWS Magnetodisc run on request serviceaccess to .zip file with two files included, for the moment; need to distinguish the two files and have two lines in the table; need for the service to be automated when users do a new run

Service prototyped; full service to be published when back in Toulouse
cpstasmIAP, PragueCluster derived data from iPECMANBuild table from files  
Finalized, first level consistency review. Being published
Observatory listIWF, Graz

Support + MASER servicesLESIA / ObsParis


In progress;
3 services reviewed internally 
VIMS service, Nantes/JPLObsParis / LESIAfinalize table from csv files and Pierre's first draft draft done, to be reviewed to provider
Pierre Le Sidaner

M4ast update


Doubling content


Being done

Reviewed, published (but still 3 empty parameters)

Cometary lines catalogue

VIR service



Check parameters


Reviewed, needs a final iteration



• All 3 selected projects are fairly advanced at the end of the week, one nearly finalized. Other projects are also nearly finalized / updated.

• DaCHS installation in Docker is very quick to set up. Adapted for development servers. Can be pushed easily to production server later.

• The presence of Markus was very valuable for service providers - again. 

• In parallel, EPN-TAP preparation doc has been cleaned up (in progress): EPN-TAP V2.0 parameters 

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