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From presentation at ASOV in March 2020 (French context, but of general interest)


  • Need to serve two communities: VO-related one (astronomers, physicists, including management of space experiments) and OGC/GIS one (geologists, geomorphologists…)
  • Need to make all results available in handy form to all researchers
  • Need to support in situ data (rovers, landers) - close to Field analogues support in EPN2024

Actions on EPN-TAP services

  • Complete data description of resolved (orbital) EPN-TAP services: s_region should always be provided for 2D data, as well as the 3 illumination angles
  • Complete data description of disk (telescopic) EPN-TAP services: region observed / illuminated (C1/C2 + s_region), i/e angle ranges (in addition to phase)
  • Try and provide imaging data as geofits when relevant

Actions on tools

  • Strong need to identify Coordinate Systems (body-fixed) and to define related IDs (CRS)
  • Extend both geojson and STC-S to support planetary surfaces (add CRS in both strings? Or associate with CRS parameter when SAMPing?)
  • Conversions between geojson and STC-S; implement in portal?
  • Assessment of space MOC and space-time MOC, especially for complete datasets
  • Procedure to generate new HiPS from USGS maps (used to be supported by Chiara)? 
  • Check and refine existing VO-GIS bridge with QGIS

  • Check if other planetary GIS can be connected (by adding SAMP?)
  • Check fits support in GDAL v 3.0 (reported incomplete, TBC)

  • Refine access to PDS data, in particular PDS3 (at least images)

  • Camera model for spectral cubes to be defined? Restart Chiara's action in EPN2020
  • Assessment of Paraview in this context


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