In EPN2024, most tutorials are provided on VESPA github (master branch) preferably as markdown, but also in other formats.

More are linked on (more public-oriented web site)

Some previous tutorials only available as Confluence pages were moved from EPN2020 sections to this EPN2024 area.

This page is intended to identify/discuss needs in terms of updates and new tutos.

Relevant links

Instructions for new tutos:


To be updated

• PDF files linked on the github should be converted to markdown version when updated - this is easier to update later

• EPN-TAP services: Using TopCat as a client is largely obsolete

To do or nice to have

  • Interfacing IDL / GDL with VO environment: how to read / write VOtable, use of SSW library, SAMP access (to be tested), implementation of java EPN-TAP library?
    Use cases: ICA on spectral cube + display in Aladin (or APERICubes?); Multumesc on single spectrum, returns VOtable (bands location & width), to be handled in TOPCAT or CASSIS

  • Same with python

Related tutorials, not from VESPA

(survivor of EPN2020 page, unsure if relevant)  

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