Task Description

VA Task 3 coordinates the implementation of new services from annual open calls. 4 to 5 teams/projects will be invited to a 1- week workshop to learn data distribution techniques and install a data server in their institute. The 4 workshops will be organised in Toulouse (IRAP), Graz (IWF), Warsaw (CBK-PAN), and Bremen (Jacobs U), ObsParis will provide extra support. The goal is not only to increase the interoperable content of the Planetary Science VO, but also to transfer the VO knowledge to teams new to this system. This task will include a kick-off telecon, an implementation workshop at mid-term, and a finalization face-to-face meeting.

This action was very successful to reach the community of potential providers and to create ties with other EU projects during EPN-2020-RI. In practice, it is also a very efficient dissemination tool. We expect to install 15 to 20 services from the community in this task. Representatives from other WP producing data (NA2, TAs, ML & GMAP VAs) are welcome to attend these workshops to learn how to distribute their own data.

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