Task Description

Preselected projects from data collected by amateurs will be designed and installed. These data will be accessible together with professional datasets, often putting those in broader context.

This will include an extension of PVOL (Planetary Virtual Observatory & Laboratory), currently a very popular, large image repository [Hueso et al., 2018]. Navigation files suitable for use with the free software WinJupos (a standard tool in amateur astronomy) will be provided for existing data, and projected maps will be produced and hosted in the service. Calibrated spectral data of planets obtained by amateur astronomers will be distributed in PVOL, providing information about dynamic composition of planetary atmospheres. Spectroscopic observations of the planets will be the subject of one workshop in the related NA2 task 3 (amateur education and training) (UPV/EHU). A JunoCam data service will be provided through VESPA that will offer navigated images valid for scientific analysis by citizen scientists, JunoCam scientists and professional astronomers (UPV/EHU).

Another amateur service will be selected at the onset of the programme, possibly a comet observation database either in Slovenia or in France.

The other existing amateur service, RadioJove (radio observations of Jupiter handled by OBSPARIS) will be essentially self-sustained. Support will be provided as much as possible to NA2 to implement data services from amateur observations (ObsParis & OeAW-IWF).

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