Task Description

Three VESPA data hubs will be set up at ObsParis, INAF/OATS (Trieste), Heidelberg Univ, all of which are large data centres for astronomy data and contribute to other EU programmes in astronomy, to backup existing data service tables, and possibly upgrade them. This “stewardship programme” will ensure service sustainability in the long term. Further solutions will also be studied, including data storage on the European Open Science Cloud (alternatively on Zenodo) and emerging RDA standards about sustainable data packaging - in relation with JRA Task 2 (Infrastructure).

Support for service registration and technical review of EPN-TAP services will be implemented in the DaCHS server, together with new IVOA protocols to launch simulation services (Heidelberg Univ).

In addition, this task will provide user support & information system, service monitoring & backups, plus a service validator. It will also define good practices for sustainability in provider institutes, including how to deal with doi on datasets.

Task Pages


We are collecting documentation on how to do this at https://voparis-gitlab.obspm.fr/mdemleitner/mirrorthoughts

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