"Laboratory measurements in VESPA"

29-30 November 2018, Rome, Italy

Objectives of the meeting

The VESPA Laboratory measurements workshop will be devoted to a discussion on data models describing laboratory data and how to extend/adapt the VESPA EPNcore data model to efficiently manage this kind of data, keeping in mind also other applicative purposes. The output of the workshop will be a preliminary set of recommendations and possibly a draft guideline on the management of laboratory data. 

This includes

  • Review existing description and sharing standards for various types of laboratory samples, in particularly solid spectroscopy measurements.
  • Study how the VESPA data model could be extended to efficiently manage the laboratory data.
  • Laboratory measurements, solid surfaces. 
  • Finalize EPN-TAP parameters for solid spectroscopy and identifying a minimal standard description for field studies. A refined description for more specific purposes (e.g. SSHADE). 
  • How do query VESPA spectral services from GIS applications?
  • Thermodynamic measurements, T/P depend data.

This workshop will gather VESPA people including SSHADE and any other external experts interested in the subject. The workshop will start on Thursday 29 November (10:30) and finish on Friday 30 November (13:00). The format of the workshop will consist in presentations always followed by discussion.

Tentative agenda:

Thursday 29 November

[coffee-break, 10:00-10:30; lunch at the canteen, 12:30-13:30; coffee-break, 15:00-15:30]

10.00 -10.30

Coffee break


10:30 -18.00


M.T. Capria/ S. Erard

S. Erard

SSHADE data model : samples, experiments and spectra description

==> SSDM-JRA-Rome_29Nov18_Schmitt.pdf

B. Schmitt

How to deal with T and P dependent measurements : exemple of thermodynamic data

B. Schmitt

A data model for Multi-Parameterized querying where spectral data meets GIS-based mapping archive 

==> Damore_VESPA....pptx

(Andrea Naß, Mario d'Amore, Jörn Helbert, and Ralf Jaumann)

M. d’Amore

How to deal with TA products?



[Social dinner in Frascati (TBC – the dinner is an exra cost and is not covered by the organizers)]

Friday 29 November

[lunch at the canteen, 13:00-14:00; coffee-break, 10:30-11:00]

9:00 - 13:00

Bidirectional Reflectance Spectroscopy, mineral detection and semiquantitative analysis: parameters relevant for a description of the data.

C. Carli

Dimensional characterizaton of particulated samples: parameters relevant for a description.

R. Politi

Review of the current EPN TAP parameters for solid spectroscopy, the available data service and further refined description for field studies purposes.

S. Erard/ S. Ivanovski/all

Discussion: What additional EPN-TAP parameters do we need to describe solid spectroscopy data? Description for field studies. 


Conclusions: next steps

S. Erard/ M. T. Capria/all


End of the meeting




Brandt, Carlos

Jacobs University Bremen

Capria, Maria Teresa


Carli, Cristian


D’Amore, Mario


Erard, Stéphane

Obs. Paris, FR

Fonte, Sergio


Ivanovski, Stavro


Le Sidaner, Pierre

Obs. Paris, FR

Politi, Romolo


Rognini, EdoardoIAPS - INAF

Schmitt, Bernard


Bollard, Philippe


Zinzi, AngeloSSDC - ASI
Giardino, MarcoSSDC - ASI


The workshop will be organized at Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali (IAPS) - INAF, room IB09.

Area di Ricerca di Tor Vergata (http://www.artov.rm.cnr.it), Rome, Italy.

Address: Via del Fosso del Cavaliere 100 - 00133 Roma

You need to check in at the entrance.

Post meeting actions

  • Setup a sandbox in ObsParis, install the current 4 spectral services (PDS_speclib, SSHADE, 2 DLR ones). Install special registry including these services Pierre Le SidanerStéphane ErardmariodamoreDamien Albert
  • Then test queries / consistency on all 4 services; test new parameters in particular. @all

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