"Sharing Planetary modelling run results in VESPA"

27-29 November 2017

Brussels, Belgium

Objectives of the meeting

The VESPA simulation workshop will cover different aspects related to including atmospheric data, simulations, and related tools within VESPA. 

This includes

  • (new) atmospheric inputs for the VO,
  • data from models (GCM ),
  • tools needed to view/compare data,
  • on-line call to radiative codes.

The workshop will start on Monday 27 November (13:00) and finish on Wednesday 29 Nov. (17:00).

Tentative agenda:

Monday 27 Nov.


Welcome - Coffee

13:30 - 17:00Atmospheric data through VESPA

Stéphane/BaptisteIntroduction to VESPA

MaudPlanetary Science Archive

AnniDescription of SPICAM/MEx & SPICAV/VEx data (xx min)

LoïcDescription of SOIR/VEx data (10 min)

AriannaDescription of ALMA data (10 min)

Ozgür/BartData from descend probes (10 min)


Tuesday 28 Nov

9:30 - 12:00Tools to retrieve/plots/compare data


Existing tools

discussion on what sort of tools should be developped and included

Ariannapossible tools, ideas from OpenPlanetary


12:00 - 13:30Lunch

13:30 - 17:00GCM/Models data + online (RT) codes

Franck/EhouarnDescription of the MCD data base - of the data from LMD ... (30 min)

Lori/FrankDescription of the data from GEM-Mars (20 min)

LoïcDescription of ASIMUT-Online (10 min)

Stéphane/BaptisteProtocols to exchange information from/to VESPA (xx min)

EmmanuelISSI model for Venus aerosols on VESPA (15 min)



Wednesday 29 Nov.

9:30 - 12:00Discussion - open Workshop

12:00 - 13:30Lunch

13:30 - 17:00Discussion - open Workshop

Registration and abstract submission

Registration is free of charge. If you plan to attend the workshop, please confirm your intention by filling in the attached registration form (in either Word or PDF format) and send it back to Ann C. Vandaele <a-c.vandaele@aeronomie.be> before the 20th of November 2017.

If you are interested in presenting your work at the workshop in the form of an oral communication, please send a short abstract of your proposed subject, including title, author(s) and the topic(s) to which it relates the most (see objectives of the meeting) to A.C. Vandaele <a-c.vandaele@aeronomie.be> .


Aoki, ShoheiIASB-BIRA, BE
Barthelemy, MaudESA, SP
Chauvin, CyrilObs. Paris, FR
Cicconi, BaptisteObs. Paris, FR
Daerden, FrankIASB-BIRA, BE
Erard, StéphaneObs. Paris, FRVESPA: presentation, tools, interfaces
Gilmann, CédricROB, BE
Karatekin, OzgürROB, BE
Lebonnois, SébastienLMD, FR
Lefèvre, FranckLATMOS, FR
Le Sidaner, PierreObs. Paris, FR
Maattanen, AnniLATMOS, FR
Marcq, EmmanuelLATMOS, FR
Millour, EhouarnLMD, FR
Neary, LoriIASB-BIRA, BE
Piccialli, AriannaIASB-BIRA, BE
Robert, SéverineIASB-BIRA, BE
Rosenblatt, PascalACRI-ST, FR
Trompet, LoïcIASB-BIRA, BE
Vandaele, Ann C.IASB-BIRA, BE
Viscardy, SébastienIASB-BIRA, BE
Willame, YannickIASB-BIRA, BE
Wilquet, ValérieIASB-BIRA, BE


The workshop will be organized at the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA) in Brussels, Belgium.

Address: 3, avenue Circulaire  -  B-1180 Brussels

Access: http://www.aeronomie.be/en/contact/itinerary.htm

The main entrance to the Space Pole is through its North Gate: You need to signal your arrival to the gate keeper.

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