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This page is showing the dataset wish list from inputs given by the scientific community. If you want to add your wish, use this button:

Current VESPA Wish List


Titan GCM (submitted by Baptiste Cecconi):

Global simulation model runs of Titan atmosphere with profiles on a gridded series of footprint, and maps at various altitudes.

Topics: Planetary Atmospheres


Spectroscopy of minerals (submitted by Stéphane Erard):

Reflectance preferred, with reasonably accurate description of samples and grain size.

Topics: Lab and Reference Data


Morchhauser crustal map (submitted by Arnaud Beth):

Empirical model for the crustal magnetic field on Mars

Topics: Planetary Surfaces


Corot Light Curves for Exoplanets (submitted by Baptiste Cecconi):

Light curves of exoplanets archived at CDS (Strasbourg, France).

Topics: Exoplanets


Catalogue of meteorites (submitted by Stéphane Erard):

Frontend to the Meteoritical Bulletin db of Met Soc, LPI ( "Normal table" output can be accommodated in an epn_core view, possibly with composition. Should link to detailed pages with more info/images; must be updated monthly or weekly.

Topics: Lab and Reference Data


Catalogue of lunar samples (submitted by S. Erard):

Frontend to LPI catalogue: Should be linked to detailed info pages, but compostion/type should be in the epn_core view.

Topics: Lab and Reference Data


Spitzer NEAs (submitted by Michael Mommert):

Spitzer thermal-infrared fluxes of near-Earth asteroids from ExploreNEOs, NEOSurvey, and NEOLegacy (~2000 asteroids)

Topics: Ephemeris and Small Bodies


Solar Radio Data and Event Catalogs  (submitted by Baptiste Cecconi):

Several observatory are providing solar radio emission monitoring, as well as event catalogs, through web pages (e.g.:,,, These dataset would be very easy to share in VESPA, including the catalogs. This would certainly add value to the datasets to be able to search and compare results in the same interface, as done previously with HELIO.

Topics: Solar and Magnetospheres


Huygens Final Archive (submitted by Nicolas Altobelli (and B. Cecconi)):

The Huygens Final Archive at ESA contains all data products archived at ESA after the Huygens probe activity at Titan.

Topics: Planetary SurfacesPlanetary Atmospheres


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  1. Titan GCM: It's better to have a computing code (rather than runs).

    See with S. Lebonnois (discussed with P. Rannou at DPS 2016) - in fact he is more interested by a Venus GCM

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