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Long term sustainability of VESPA will be supported on the data service side by 3 VESPA hubs: structures that host service definition, maintain them, and possibly substitute to the original provider in case of problem. Problems range from difficulties with IT policy in provider institutes to evolving requirements on VESPA side and lack of maintenance by the original provider.
Three such hubs are scheduled: Paris Observatory (PADC), Trieste Observatory (OATS), and Heidelberg University.

A git facility will be used in each hub to store the current version of service definition files (resource descriptor, scripts, sample data when required/feasible…). The current plan is to use one repository per service, as described here: Individual Repository for VESPA Service Resource Descriptor in DaCHS

The use of these repositories is encouraged also during VESPA implementation workshops and training sessions, as to keep track of past / on-going developments.

In the mid-term, access to the git repo will use delegated authentication as defined in the VESPA-cloud activity: people will be asked to register once in the VESPA-Cloud Virtual Organization at eduTEAMS, and then the Gitlab will let people in, with authorizations based on VESPA-Cloud groups.

The setup is being assessed in Paris:
This facility is split in several thematic areas corresponding to different servers (currently planeto, helio, and maser).
At least one service is publicly accessible to be used as a template (planets)

Other resources of general interest are also made available here, such as awstats config files (to produce uniform access statistics on all VESPA servers, as required in the project). In this case, there may be one branch per server.

Action items:

  • Sharing of existing resources between the 3 VESPA hubs to be discussed.
  • Design of repository tree (addressed below: VESPA-Hub Repository Architecture)
  • Mirroring of 3 hubs?
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