This page provides information on the 20016 VA-t3-workshop. The task3 workshop, dedicated to supporting external teams, is strongly coupled this year with a task2 workshop intended to implement projects from the participants of VESPA. The main focus is on data service installation this year.

The workshop will be at IRAP, 9 avenue du colonel Roche 31028 Toulouse, from Tuesday 5 April (morning) to Friday 8 April (early afternoon).

Local organization by IRAP/CDPP is acknowledged.


Selected teams (2)

- Luis Lara / Grenade on optical cst of gases (atmospheres)

   Contact persons in VESPA: Stéphane Erard, Nathanael Jourdane

- Vyacheslav Zakharenko / Institute of Radio Astronomy / Kharkov on Juno ground support (radio, magnetosphere)

   Contact persons in VESPA: Baptiste Cecconi, Manuel Scherf

VA-t3 participants:

- Angelo Pio Rossi, Mikhail Minin, Bremen: 1 service TBD (or one web service?). DaCHS server installed in advance

- Manuel Scherf & Tarek Al-Ubaidi, Graz: Mag/VEx, IMPEx, Observatory list (the latter less likely)

- David Pisa & Jan Soucek, Prague: Cluster? + tools ?

- Stavro Ivanovski, Rome: Nasa dust catalogue update?

- Toulouse team

- Paris: Stéphane Erard, Baptiste Cecconi, Pierre Le Sidaner, Renaud SavalleYIN ZI - possible projects include:

  •      Virtis-VEx (to PSA files): complete current test model, upgrade to v2 (Stéphane)
  •      Kronos - upgrade (Baptiste)
  •      Mars Climate Database (Zi), in collaboration with LMD.
  •      Jupiter DAM (Nançay decam array) to v2. TBC
  •      Basecom upgrade to v2? TBC (no science support expected)
  •      M4ast to v2 and improve interfaces (but no support expected at Toulouse workshop)

Other VESPA participants & externals:

- Trompet Loïc, Brussels: VIRA / SOIR (Venus-Express)

- Jon Juaristi-Campillo: PVOL interface implementation.

- Nicholas Achilleos + Patrick Guio, UCL: Magnetodisk models - simulation results distribution (parameters to be specified)

- Alan Macfarlane + Maud Barthelemy for ESA/PSA: try on Navcam / Rosetta

Peri-workshop Agenda

  • At least 1 telecon in advance to provide context, set details, etc. Dedicated to each selected project, but each does not involve everybody in VAt3.
  • Workshop in Toulouse, 3.5 days with VESPA support
  • 1 or 2 telecon for finalization after the workshop. Services are expected to be compliant and open in June.

Workshop Agenda

Lunches are provided every day (buffet).

Tuesday 5th April 2016 – coffee 9:30, start 10

  • Overall system: Data services and EPN-TAP
  • Short presentations of projects (~10 min) - may be spread along the first 2 days (starting with the straighforward ones, which can be used as examples)
  • Installation of LINUX DEBIAN + DaCHS + Apache + awstat  (cf Tutorial #1)
  • Inventory EPN-TAP V2 metadata 

Wednesday 6th April 2016

  • Build an SQL database with the schema provided by participants
  • Write a script for the ingestion of data in POSTGRES tables and construction of the epn_core view
  • 14h30 - 15h30 : IRAP/PEPS seminar: Stéphane Erard on "Highlights of VIRTIS/ROSETTA observations – 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko seen from orbit"
  • Workshop dinner –

Thursday 7th April 2016

  • Write q.rd file for DaCHS and test the new service with the validator
  • Register the new service in a local Registry
  • How to declare the new DaCHS server in the ROR

Friday 8th April 2016

  • Wrap-up: each project to comment on experience and implementation level, plan for next steps and finalization


Please fill in info on Studied Service Descriptions



Here after is a short introduction to Toulouse, the capital city of South-Western France : Toulouse

The 'VESPA workshop will take place at the following address :

IRAP - 9 avenue Colonel Roche - 31400 Toulouse, rooms = Salle de conférence and Gervais de Lafond

accessible by car, underground and two-wheeled vehicles :

 - by car : east beltway, exit 20

 - by underground line B : Station Faculté de Pharmacie or Université Paul Sabatier

 - two-wheeled vehicles : VélôToulouse stations are all along the Canal du Midi, at underground exits as well.

Useful informations about these modes of transportation and lodging at the city center are available within the Access Map

Another list of hotels located in Toulouse is available on download : hotels

From Blagnac airport take the Tram (in front of the airport) 1 line and Airport is the terminus. Option 1 ticket or pass of 10

change at Palais de Justice for Metro line B direction Ramonville to Faculté de Pharmacie. Than take bus 78 (same side as the output of the station) IRAP is at LAAS station. It take about 1h.

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