This page provides information on the 2017 VA-T3-workshop. The workshop will be held at IWF-OeAW, Schmiedlstrasse 6, A-8042 Graz, Austria, from Monday March 27 (morning) to Friday March 31 (early afternoon). The last day of the workshop will be dedicated to interested teams who want to learn on how to describe simulation data using the IMPEx data model, and generalization to call codes on-line in the frame of VESPA.


Selected teams

  • Roberto Orosei/Anton B. Ivanov, Federico Cantini: Mapping Mars subsurface using a MARSIS and SHARAD plug-in for QGIS
    • Workshop participants: Roberto Orosei, Federico Cantini
  • Marco Delbo, Benoit Carry: Minor Planet Physical Properties Catalogue (mp3c)
    • Workshop participants: Christophe Ordenovich
  • Andrea Connell: Cassini Data Archive
    • Workshop participants: Andrea Connell, Shawn Brooks
  • Gabriele E. Arnold, Daniela Henckel: Rosetta Spectral Library
    • Workshop participants: David Kappel, Daniela Henckel

VA-t3 participants

Other VESPA participants & externals:

  • ESA PSA: Alan Macfarlane
  • SRC PAS: Lukasz Tomasik, Mariusz Pozoga, Barbara Matyjasiak
  • Uni Heidelberg: Markus Demleitner

Pre-workshop Agenda

  • At least 1 telecon with selected teams in advance to provide context, set details, etc. Telecons with selected teams will be from March 13 to 17, 2017.
  • Workshop at IWF/Graz, 4.5 days with VESPA support.
  • 1 or 2 telecons for finalization after the workshop in May (+ possibly during EGU splinter / hands-on session in April).
  • Services are expected to be compliant and open in June 2017.

Workshop Agenda

Lunches are provided every day (buffet).

Monday 27th March 2017 – coffee 9:30, start 10:00

  • Stéphane Erard: VESPA, EPN-TAP and data services
  • Short presentations of projects (~10 min) - may be spread along the first 2 days (starting with the straighforward ones, which can be used as examples)
  • Installation of LINUX DEBIAN + DaCHS + Apache + awstat  (cf Tutorial #1)
  • Inventory EPN-TAP V2 metadata 

Tuesday 28th March 2017 – coffee 9:30, start 10:00

  • Build an SQL database with the schema provided by participants - illustration : your VIrtualMachine, your service
  • Identitfy and map you service parameters: use this xls file
  • Write a script for the ingestion of data in POSTGRES tables and construction of the epn_core view

Wednesday 29th March 2017 – coffee 9:30, start 10:00

  • Register the new service in a local Registry
  • How to declare the new DaCHS server in the ROR

Thursday 30th March 2017 – coffee 9:30, start 10:00

  • Wrap-up: each project to comment on experience and implementation level, plan for next steps and finalization

Friday 31th March 2017 – coffee 9:30, start 10:00. Workshop ends at 13:00, then lunch

  • IMPEx data model presentation and hands-on


Presentation of projects + conclusions here:  Studied Service Descriptions 2017



Tourist information about Graz, the capitol city of the south-eastern Austrian region of Styria and Austria's second biggest city (300.000 inhabitants) can be found at

The VESPA workshop will take place at the following location:

Institut fuer Weltraumforschung
Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Schmiedlstraße 6
A-8042 Graz
Seminar room U.d.6

The location is accessible by bus or by walking:

  •  by bus / tram:
    • take tram 4 to Liebenau until last station (Liebenau/Murpark). From there take bus 75U to Pachern. Hop out at 2nd station, i.e. Schmiedlstraße. Follow the road and take the first street left (Schmiedlstraße). IWF-OeAW is the first building on the right side. 
    • take tram 6 to St.Peter until Schulzentrum St.Peter. Change to bus 72 to Liebenau or to bus 76U to Hausmannstätten. In both cases hop out at Sternäckerweg. Follow the road and take the first way (only for petestrians!) on the right (Schmiedlstraße). Follow this road until the end. IWF-OeAW is the last building on the left side.
  • by walking: From Liebenau/Murpark it takes an approximately 15 minutes walk to IWF-OeAW through "idyllic" suburban Graz. Just turn left at the second round-about at Liebenau/Murpark and follow the road Sternächerweg until you will reach the bus station Schmiedlstraße (then see above).
  • The best way directly from the airport to IWF-OeAW is per taxi. Alternatively, one can also drive with the train S-Bahn S5 to Graz Hauptbahnhof to the main train station (last stop), and from there with tram 6 to IWF-OeAW (see above).

Useful informations about public transport in Graz can be found at the website of Graz transport (only in German) or at (this site also includes a route planner in English). Additionally one can also recommend the smartphone app "qando Graz" (can be found in the Google Play Store) for travelling in Graz.

There are three main possibilities for traveling to Graz:

  • via the local airport in Graz,
  • via train from Vienna main train station, or
  • via bus from Vienna (directly from Vienna airport to Graz city center or from Vienna western train station ("Westbahnhof") to Graz city center).

Train or bus from Vienna usually takes about 2.5 hours. A detailed plan of public transport in Graz can be downloaded here (pdf).



For those who will be reimbursed by IWF-OeAW: The maximum hotel rate per day reimbursed is € 75.-, the following Hotels offer a special rate for IWF-OeAW within this limit:

Participants reimbursed by IWF-OeAW will receive daily allowance (i.e. 26.40€ per day). A detailed description of reimbursement rules can be downloaded here (pdf). The date of the workshop is a very busy time in Graz (Special Olympics). In case you have any problems with booking an appropriate hotel or any questions on local logistics, please don't hesitate to contact Manuel Scherf ( or Tarek Al-Ubaidi (


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