This page provides information on the 2018 VA-T3-workshop. The workshop will be held at Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Prague, Czech Republic from Monday April 16 (morning) to Friday April 20 (early afternoon). The last day of the workshop will be dedicated to interested teams who want to learn on how to connect simulation codes in VESPA.

For practical information, please contact  Jan Soucek or David Pisa.


Selected teams

  • Planetary Surface Portal & GAIA-DEM (IAS/CNRS): Karin Dassas
  • Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (DLR): Mario D'Amore
  • Mars Express data (U. of Iowa, SwRI): Andrew Kopf, Chris Piker, Joey Mukherjee
  • Thermal infrared observations of asteroids and trans-Neptunian objects (Max Planck): Róbert Szakáts

VA-t3 participants

Other VESPA participants & externals:

  • SRC PAS: Mariusz Pożoga, Łukasz Tomasik, Barbara Matyjasiak
  • LMSU: Vladimir Kalegaev, Sergey Bobrovnikov
  • IPAG: Damien Albert (SSHADE EPN-TAP interface)
  • Europlanet TAs: _
  • Uni Heidelberg: Markus Demleitner
  • LMD/IPSL: Alexandre Rostaing

Pre-workshop Agenda

  • The meeting will start on Monday, April 16 at 10:00 and will end on Friday, April 20, early in the afternoon.
  • The last day of the meeting (Friday, April 20) is planned to be dedicated to interested teams who want to discuss how to connect simulation codes in VESPA.
  • At least 1 telecon with selected teams in advance to provide context, set details, etc. Telecons with selected teams will start March 12 2017.
  • 1 or 2 telecons for finalization after the workshop in May
  • Services are expected to be compliant and open in June 2018.


Presentation of projects + conclusions here:  Studied Service Descriptions 2018


For selected external teams listed above, the travel costs are covered by from Europlanet budget for VESPA AO. The travel is organized by IAP and the selected teams will be contacted. Airplane or train tickets need to be booked directly by IAP. Other travel expenses (hotel, local transport, taxi) and per-diem will be reimbursed afterwards.Please address any queries related to travel and local organization to Jan Soucek and David Pisa.

Internal participants (Europlanet beneficiaries) need to arrange their own travel and use their own budget.

The VESPA workshop will take place at the following location:

Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS
Bocni II 1401a
14100 Prague

Directions can be found here:

The location is accessible:

  • by metro: take metro C (red line) until the ROZTYLY station. From there it is about 15 minutes walk.
  • by car (parking is possible) or taxi.

Useful informations about public transport in Prague can be found at the website of The Prague Public Transit (this site also includes a route planner in English).


The institute is conveniently reachable by metro C, so we recommend finding a hotel in the center of Prague, close to the metro line. There are hundreds of options that can be found on standard websites e.g. or Airbnb. If you prefer to stay close to the meeting venue, the closest option is Aureli Hotel Globus approximately 20 - 25 minutes walking to the IAP (5-10 minutes from the metro station Roztyly to the opposite direction).

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