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VESPA-Cloud is aiming at hosting VESPA data provider servers (using DaCHS) on cloud facilities (provided through EOSC-Hub). It is supported by EOSC-Hub, through its 2nd Early Adopter Program. 

VESPA-Cloud Use Case

A VESPA data provider would be able to:

  • order a VM with the VO framework installed,
  • configure the server for their science application,
  • manage the server packages with the VESPA team,
  • update the content and the metadata.

The VM has a static public DNS and public web http interfaces (with astronomy interoperability protocol access points). The VM will be registered in the Astronomy Virtual Observatory Registry, and thus will be reachable with any IVOA tools. The services can then be used by the final users within their science workflows.  

How to build a service on EOSC

Activity Reports

VESPA-Cloud 2021 Activity Report

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