The meeting will take place at Obs. Paris (near Denfert-Rochereau, in Paris), Salle du Levant.


  •  09:00 – 17:00 
    • Presentation of IMPEx – Part 1 (Vincent, Michel, Ronan ?)
      • IMPEx infrastructure
      • IMPEx Data Model
      • IMPEx XML Tree
    • Presentation of Lathys (Ronan ?)
    • Hand's on session: setting up your IMPEx tree (XML catalog of shared resources) and test it with IMPEx tools. 

    • 19:30 Team Dinner (Montparnasse)

  • 09:00 – 17:00
    • Presentation of IMPEx – Part 2
      • IMPEx Web-services (Michel, Vincent ?)
    • Tutorial: Installing a SAMP connector on a web page (Pierre ?)
    • Hand's on session: setting up an IMPEx web-service and test it with IMPEx tools.  


AttendeeMonday AMMonday PMTuesday AMTuesday PM
yesyes < ~16hyesyes


Nicholas Achilleosyesyesyesyes
Ronan Modoloyesyesnono
Lea Gritonyesnoyesyes
Filippo Pantelliniyesyesyesyes
Cyril Chauvinyesyesyesyes


  • Linking between VESPA and IMPEx
  • Setting up an IMPEx tree and advertise it 
  • Setting up IMPEx web-services and advertise it
  • Setting up a SAMP connector on a web page

Discussion items

Baptiste Cecconi
  • IMPEx (Integrated Medium for Planetary Exploration)
    • Plasma and magnetic environment for planets
    • Selection, download, visualization and analysis
    • Compare simulation with observation (in reverse way)
    • Tools
      • AMDA, 3Dview, CLWeb, IMPEx Portal
    • Features: 
      • extendable
      • standards
      • as generic as possible
      • web based
  • Data Model for IMPEx
    • data model for plasma simulations
    • based on SPASE (data model for observational plasma data)
    • IMPEx-DM is based on SPASE 2.2.2. And IMPEx-DM is now included as an extension of SPASE on SPASE web site. Current versions: SPASE-2.2.9 and IMPEx-1.3. 
    • Main component:
      • SimulationModel: code description [Instrument]
      • SimulationRun: parameters of a SimulationModel run [observation mode]
      • NumericalOutput: 1 per type of SimulationRun output product
      • Granule: 1 per output element (file, URL…) within a NumericalOutput
  • IMPEx Configuration 
    • IMPEx configuration: XML with provider descriptors. 
    • tree.xml (for data product); methods.xml (for webservices)
  • IMPEx Protocol 
    • 28 methods. Core = 3 methods (implemented in 3Dview):
      • getDataPointValue
      • getDataPointValueSpacecraft
      • getDataPointSpectra
    • Uses SAMP
  • IMPEx technical information:
  • IMPEx Portal web ste:
  • IMPEx API view:
  • Latest released SPASE/IMPEx schema:
  • Developed in Belgium a long time ago for MHD
  • adapted for Mercury case
    • Preparation for BepiColombo/MMO
    • theoretical studies for propagation of waves around mercury
  • adapted for fast rotators
    • no codes really available for this, for instance in the case of Uranus
    • 3D spherical grid, adaptive meshing (could be automatic where steep gradient)
  • First draft example tree for MPI-AMRVAC: tree_LESIA_Filippo.xml
  • Magnetodisc model, with solar wind input.
    • Polar coordinates
  • prototyping in 3Dview:
    • Initial file are in netCDF display into 3Dview (small routine inside 3Dview written by Laurent Beigbeder)
    • In 3Dview IMPEx/2Dcuts are expected to be provided in VOTable
  • IMPEx tree :
  • First test to display MDISC data into 3Dview from IMPEx tree was successful.
    • local IMPEx configuration in 3Dview:
    • Selection of IMPEx product in 3Dview:
    • Displaying selected product in scene:

  • Update on DaCHS server at UCL:
    • There was still problems with the access and web redirections.
    • Server was upgraded to latest beta version (change in /etc/apt/sources.list)
    • GAVO configuration file (/etc/gavo.rc) was also updated with the following section

      serverPort: 8000

      Note the the port number is present twice. This appears to be necessary for the system to work properly.

    • The mdisc/q.rd resource descriptor was also updated to use the latest epntap2.rd mixin definition file, as fixed during the VESPA implementation workshop of Graz.
    • The use of a csvGrammar was discussed but not yet implemented.
VOISE@UCLPatrick Guio, Cyril Chauvin, Renaud Savalle
  • SAMP input:
    • Some time was dedicated to try to setup a SAMP input connection for VOISE.
    • Installation of SAMP library is done. Retrieval of input URL through SAMP is working. Help from Renaud Savalle and Cyril Chauvin was greatly appreciated.
    • Issues with the Django / Apache server on UCL side prevented finalizing this task. This should not be too difficult, but that will be a follow up activity.
  • Results:
    • Currently the VOISE results are sent by email. Usually very big files (>10MB, and even several 100MB...), so the emails are not sent to the requester.
    • We could try to plan to modify this result distribution scheme to provide a link to data to be downloaded within a predefined period of time. This requires updating the Django code. We have to decide if it's worth investing into this (mostly time from PADC to help Patrick Guio).
LESIA-Mag@PADCBaptiste Cecconi, Renaud Savalle
OtherVincent Génot, Pierre Le Sidaner, Baptiste Cecconi
Next steps
  • Organize a next workshop (2 days) in late May or early June, in Paris: include UCL, CDPP, PADC and LESIA.
    • During that workshop, propose a seminar to PADC and/or LESIA-modelling-and-simulation-group
    • Invite Sébastien Hess to the next workshop
  • Pierre Le Sidaner to finalize ASCII→VOTable script. 
    • Need GROUP and FIELDref for definition of Reference Frame in use in VOTable
  • Pierre Le Sidaner, Cyril Chauvin: see if LatHyS tree.xml explorer can be reused and proposed on a standalone server for testing and visualizing IMPEx XML trees.


Team Dinner

At "Swann & Vincent", 22 Place Denfert-Rochereau, Paris 14e. 19:30.

Action items

  • Ronan Modolo Share LatHyS web page framework with PADC