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This workshop was initially proposed during the DMP meeting in Milton Keynes (November 2015). Gareth Davies agreed that it is necessary to have such a workshop to set up the TA facilities' databases, and efficiently share the data through VESPA. This workshop would gather VESPA people including SSHADE at large, TA people, and any other external expert that could help in this data modeling process. The output of the workshop could be an extension of the VESPA EPNcore data model that would allow efficient sharing of TA products. 

Workshop goals

  • Review existing description and sharing standards for Laboratory Sample and Field Analog data products (NASA/SBN...)
  • Study how VESPA (EPN-TAP) could be used
  • Set up a few test services with data from TA teams
  • Extension of the VESPA data model for samples and field analogs

Workshop participants

  • VESPA JRA task2 (tools and interface)
  • VESPA JRA task3 (SSHADE)
  • TA
  • External ? 

Workshop location and dates

  • ObsParis, 17/7/2017

Final workshop:

Rome, Nov 2018:  VESPA Laboratory measurements JRA meeting, 2018

Outcome = Lab spectroscopy extension for EPN-TAP with proposal for new UCDs 

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