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  • About coordinate systems usable in EPN-TAP

Not a close list yet, but this has to honor existing conventions. A list is available here: Planetary Coordinate Systems

  • Could you specify how we have to modify the etc/gavo.rc?
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  1. I have a question about our coordinate system and how to use that. We have spacecraft positions in Mercury-Solar-Orbital (MSO) coordinates. I guess this means,

    spatial_frame_type = cartesian

    But where to specify that it is MSO?

    1. spatial_frame_type = "cartesian" is OK

      "MSO" should go in spatial_coordinate_description

      - however please use a name/acronym following conventions (IAU approved when it exists), as here: Planetary Coordinate Systems

      (which uses "Hermian" for Mercury). If your frame is not included here and is of standard usage, we are interested in a bib reference to complete this list.

      1. David and I discussed how we should proceed with the coordinate system issue. We would like to have MSO, as a matter of fact. MSO is quite well known throughout the community, and it is probably a source of errors when we have to convert to HSM. Is it possible to include MSO in VESPA?

        1. Yes, of course (remember I know nothing about this field!). Just put it in spatial_coordinate_description

          Please give us an adequate bib reference we can include in the doc.