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Start Aladin:

Add HiPS:

(just open it as a file)

Go to VESPA:

    Click Submit on the first page, then select the mars_craters service, in the result page select and click on Footprints / send s_region

or TaPHandle:

    then click on mars_craters / mars_craters.epn_core

With TapHandle in epn1.epn_vespa_crism click s_region "broadcast to SAMP".

Authorize connection and click again on s_region.

The footprint will be sent to Aladin.



Generate footprints for craters:

A python function for generating s_region should probably look something like this:

#'Polygon 50.8450704943 50.0 50.591549346 50.9318019868 50.0 51.3146963033 49.408450654 50.9091496697 49.1549295057 50.0 49.408450654 49.0908503303 50.0 48.6853036967 50.591549346 49.0681980132'

import math

output = lambda Lat, Lon, cratRad: 'Polygon '+' '.join([' '.join(i) for i in map(lambda t: (str(Lat+t[0]*cratRad/(math.pi*3390.0 / 180.0)),str(Lon+(t[1]*cratRad)/(math.pi*3390.0*math.cos((Lat+(t[0]*cratRad)/(math.pi*3390.0 / 180.0))*math.pi/180.0) / 180.0))),[(1,0),(.7,.7),(0,1),(-.7,.7),(-1,0),(-.7,-.7),(0,-1),(.7,-.7)])])

print output(50,50,50)



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