CRISM data has been published at
This service is registered with IVOA Registry of Registries, and can be found in TOPCAT.

Preview CRISM in TOPCAT:


Choose VO => TAP Query

Search for "epn1". Double click.

Select "planetserver_crism.epn_core". Click on "Examples", select "Basic" => "Full table".

Click "Run Query". Click "Activation Action" from the "Views" menu item.

Select "Display Image"; Choose "thumbnail_url" for "Image Location", and "Basic" for "Image Viewer".
Close window.

Click on the "Table Browser" button.

You can now view the table. Clicking on a row should open image preview.

Displaying CRISM footprint in Aladin:

Open Aladin web start:

On the main menu click "File" => "Open URL"

Add HiPS

Click submit.

Open epn1 TAP Handle in your browser.

Open table, add query to search for granule of interest:

FROM epn_vespa_crism.epn_core
WHERE granule_uid='HRS00003082_07_IF177S_TRR3'

Click "SUBMIT".

Scroll over to "s_region"

Click "Broadcast to SAMP" and authorize the connection to Hub.

Click "Broadcast to SAMP" again, and you should see a "drawing" appear in Aladin.

Accessing subgranule data and importing to CASSIS:

Open epn1 TAP Handle in your browser.

Click "Data Preview" button in "subgranule_url" field

Click anywhere on the image

To view in CASSIS select and copy the text on the bottom of the page, save with text editor as .fus.

Open with CASSIS


An option to save spectra as .fus, or to send it directly to CASSIS via SAMP has been added.

To send via SAMP, first start CASSIS. With CASSIS HUB running the button
"Broadcast to SAMP!" should be visible.
After selecting the spectra, click on the button, the spectra should appear in CASSIS.

It is possible to send multiple spectra, from the same or different coverages.
This way spectra from sensor L and S can be joined.

The value of Xbot should be set to Wavelength nm:

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  1. Very nice - but we still have this prob of the Y axis in CASSIS. The full solution will be to add an extra UCD for reflectance I think

  2. Then we'll have to identify a way to handle spectral aggregates more easily - this is a common situation with space borne instruments

  3. The two images with the "activation actions" settings (open the activation actions window and settings of this window) are obsolete.

    They can be replaced by those ones (made using the TOPCAT version):