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wsgs_wms can be accessed via TAP handle:

granule_uid is the name of the map, granule_gid is the system name, obs_id is  the name of the instrument, target name is the name of the satellite.

access_url points to the service (but does not have a query), eg:

If you try to open it in the browser, it will give an error.  you need to add a query string to it (intended to be supplied by the client), eg:


  where LAYERS=obs_id  (in this example "CASSINI")

  you can change BBOX, WIDTH, and HEIGHT values on the client to pan and zoom on the WMS


 we need a mechanism to connect QGIS to VO HUB, after that, GAVO simply needs to send XML-RPC call to QGIS with the contents of the field access_url.

  You can try it now with QGIS and do it manually. First copy the contents of the "access_url", eg
Then open QGIS, click on add WMS layer:

Click create, give it a name, and paste the link you got from "access_url" into the address field:

Click connect, select the layer and click "Add"

You should now have this layer in QGIS as a WMS basemap:

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