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editors: Angelo Pio Rossi

contributors: Chiara Marmo Mikhail Minin et al.

Catalogue of resources related to GIS/VO

To be compiled as from jra-t4-timeline-internal and maintained during project with best effort and inputs from contributors/community.

NameDescriptionURLType (web service, VO, ..)Contact person(s)OGC servicesService typeNotesRelevant reference(s)

web-tool to access, visualize and analyze data

3d visualization web serviceangelo.zinzi [at] asdc.asi.itNO
PlanetServerweb service for data analyticshttp://planetserver.euimage/cube visualisation and analyticsAngelo Pio RossiYESWMS, WCS, WCPS
MarSIdata processing on demand serviceloic.lozach  [at] univ-lyon1.frYES   
3DView3D visualization of spacecraft position and attitude, planetary ephemerides, as well as scientific data representation (observations and models).http://3dview.cdpp.eu3d visualization toolVincent GénotNO 


SAMP is enabled

USGS Astrogeology Science CenterOGC Web Services, higher-level data, processing on-demand, tools

Web seriesTrent HareYESWMS, + ???  
HRSC Maps / Orbit LocatorAccess to individual files of HRSC products (imagery, topography) and WMS layers (global datasets, HRSC regional mosaics)http://maps.planet.fu-berlin.deWeb serviceSebastian WalterYES??  

Omega reduced data, High level products visualization portalidoc-psup [at]
NPSA Map Prototypeaccess to PSA data service???YES?WFS ?  
TOPCATprovides access to the DaCHS database querying NO 

TOPCAT and Aladin are designed to work together

SAMP is enabled

Aladingeospatial and visualization tools for data acquired with TOPCAT, allows working in spherical coordinate systemshttp://aladin.u-strasbg.frweb service, visualizationPierre Le Sidaner ?MAYBE?WFS, WMS, WCS

There is potential of adding more services to Aladin, for both reading and writing to geodatabases.

SAMP is enabled

TREPStime and coordinate transformations of vectors and positions in space and planetary sciences web serviceVincent GénotNO?SAMP is enabled 
Webgeocalcweb-based graphical user interface to many of the observation geometry computations available from the "SPICE serviceNAIFNO?  
Web World WindJavaScript API for geospatial visualization service, visualization??YES?WFS, WMS, WCS?Similar to Aladin, has support for planetary data, there is potential for expanding functionality to support HiPS. 
CesiumjsJavascript API for geospatial visualization      
GlobwebJavascript virtual globe      

Existing external catalogues

to be listed / linked / synced with those from, but not limited to (not all maintained):

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