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Field data collection

Existing relevant services (non VO)

Exemplary data

Needed metadata / fields for data collection

Need to add here guidelines/best practices for collecting data with as many metadata as possible for later ease embed of field datasets on VESPA. First assumption, the use of PANGAEA for data storage, to be interfaced with DACHS, Mikhail Minin 


Exemplary prototypal service

TBA, based on sample TEST data

Potential test TA services


  • For Spectra and Time series: Combining EPN-TAP with SSAP?

Rover/lander planetary data (existing, PDS)

  • to be harvested and added to DACHS, MER-A, MER-B, MSL, e.g. from analyst's notebooks from PDS Geeosciences Node -
    • evaluate how this works with accounts

Documentation and tutorials

new and pointing to existing ones

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