editors: Chiara MarmoAngelo Pio Rossi

contributors: Chiara MarmoMikhail MininVincent GénotAngelo Pio RossiBaptiste Cecconi et al.

Table of requirements

Possible entries for Type field: Data, Metadata, Protocols, Tool (to be related to JRA-Task 2. Tools & Interface)

(table subject to review/cleanup/consolidation and/or item removal of duplicates/ merging)

TypeDescriptionTrack linkVO->GISGIS->VOTools & Interface
DataData available in WMS WFS OGC catalogs format for remote visualization searchable by VO clientsjra-t4-R1XX

EPN-TAPV2.0 : Definition/parsing of specific mime types for  WMS WFS OGC catalogs

OGC services : (open, no password, as required by VO) connected to VO to allow for maximum load / queries to avoid malfunction (safety for data providers)

DataVO Data Formats readable by GIS software

GDAL: robust, standard and generic implementation of FITS and HDF drivers

QGIS : VO formats are read via GDAL, waiting for better GDAL implementation, header parsers will be written for georeferencing



MetadataKeyword definition for standard or custom coordinate reference system (ie coordinate system+reference surface or datum) in VO data formatsjra-t4-R3 


FITS : planetary keyword convention

STC: check existing "AstroCoords" systems and add new ones


MetadataDefinition of standard or custom planetary coordinate reference system (ie coordinate system+reference surface or datum) in GIS and OGC web servicesjra-t4-R4XX

EPN-TAPV2.0 :flexible definition of Geographic Coordinate Reference System (Authority and ID or complete proj4-like or WKT reference system)

STC: check existing "AstroCoords" systems and add new ones

MapServer (and others) : at least standard Planetary CRS support

MetadataCommonly used planetary projections (To be listed) must be supported by astronomical visu toolsjra-t4-R5 XAladin : Sinusoidal (SFL) projection to be implemented
MetadataSpatial coverage defined in linear dimensionsjra-t4-R6 X

EPN-TAPV2.0 : introduction of a Geographic Coordinate Reference System for s_region

DACHS : Implementation of PostGIS functions

VO cutout services : to be enriched and compared to Web Coverage Service (WCS) OGC Standard, See IVOA SODA specification

MetadataVO queries via standard planetary feature namesjra-t4-R7XX

EPN-TAPV2.0 : definition of subclasses in target and target classes. Done with feature_name     parameter.

Planetary Gazetteer : Planetary GeoCoder implementation

ProtocolsIncluding geojson in available formats for VO server answersjra-t4-R8 XDACHS : format=json server answer must be reformatted
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