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As the IMCCE/Miriade web services are using SAOP interface, we use the ZEEP python package to query the service. The IMCCE/Miriade web services interfaces are described on each service page on the Miriade portal.

Procedure Definition

The definition of the procedure in the RD file is done using the <procDef> element. The next code snippet is used for IRTF observations of Jupiter.

Code Block
<resource schema='irtf_orton'>

  -- Place the <procDef> element after the <meta> elements 

	<procDef type="apply" id="miriadeEphemph">


			<!-- input parameters to be set with <bind> elements in <apply> element -->

			<par key="ignoreUnknowns" description="Return Nones for unknown
				objects?  (if false, ValidationErrors will be raised)">True</par>
			<par key="logUnknowns" description="Write unresolved object names
				to the info log">False</par>
			<par key="target_name" late="True"
				description="The observed target name (Default is Jupiter).">'p:jupiter'</par>
			<par key="observer" late="True"
				description="The observer name (Default is Mauna Kea Observatory, for IRTF).">'@568'</par>
			<par key="obs_time" late="True"
				description="Observation date time."/>

			<!-- any piece of python code to be run before the main procedure, like importing modules -->

				import zeep


			## This is the beginning of the core python code, indentation matters as in python.
			# Initializing some parameters
			slat, slon, olat, olon = None, None, None, None
			np_pos, phase, rap, hemis1, hemis2 = None, None, None, None, None

				# Initialize SOAP client using zeep module 
				client = zeep.Client('')

				# Setting up request parameters (as defined on service description page)
				# NB: Here we will use the ephemph webservice.
				request = {'name': target_name, 'type':'', 'epoch':obs_time.isoformat(), 
					'nbd':1, 'step':'', 'tscale':'', 'so':1, 'observer':observer, 
					'mime':'text', 'view':'none', 'rv':0, 'anim':0, 'print':1, 'visu':'', 
					'output':'--iso,--coord:eq', 'get':''}

				# Retrieving response from webservice
				response = client.service.ephemph(request)

				# Each line of the output text is separated by ';' characters, 
				# and the data line is the first line not starting with '#'
				# The next command split lines and retrieves the first data line
				for line in (item for item in response['result'].split(';') if item[0] != '#'): break

				# splitting results columns
				data = line.split()

				olon = float(data[3])  # Sub-Observer Longitude in Jovian System III (Sub-Earth Point) 
				olat = float(data[4])  # Sub-Observer Latitude in Jovian System III (Sub-Earth Point)
				slon = float(data[7])  # Sub-Solar Longitude in Jovian System III
				slat = float(data[8])  # Sub-Solar Latitude in Jovian System III
				np_pos = float(data[9])  # Angle between planetary North pole and celestial North Pole
				phase = float(data[11])  # Phase angle 
				rap = float(data[12])  # Apparent radius of target
				# in case of APIS extension, we need to tell what is the primary hemisphere (best view) 
				if olat >= 0:
					hemis1 = 'north'
					hemis2 = 'south'
					hemis1 = 'south'
					hemis2 = 'north'

			except KeyError:
				if logUnknowns:
					base.ui.notifyInfo("Identifier did not resolve: %s"%identifier)
				if not ignoreUnknowns:
					raise base.Error("resolveObject could not resolve object"
						" %s."%identifier)

			# Preparing output: whatever you put into the vars dictionary can be used outside the procedure.
			# E.g.: vars["subsolar_longitude"] is defined here, and can be used as @subsolar_longitude outside
			vars["subsolar_longitude"] = slon
			vars["subsolar_latitude"] = slat
			vars["subobserver_longitude"] = olon
			vars["subobserver_latitude"] = olat
			vars["np_pos"] = np_pos
			vars["phase"] = phase
			vars["rap"] = rap
			vars["hemis1"] = hemis1
			vars["hemis2"] = hemis2

  -- Any other RD stuff... 


Using Procedures

Then to use the procedure, we use the <apply> element, with proper configuration. The procedure is used here inside a <rowmaker> element. The <bind> elements allow to link content (constant values or computed values) to input parameters.

Code Block

<apply procDef="miriadeEphemph">
	<bind key="target_name">'p:jupiter'</bind>
	<bind key="observer">'@568'</bind>
	<bind key="obs_time">parseISODT('T'.join([@DATE_OBS,@TIME_OBS]))</bind>