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ServiceInstitute name (for gitlab)Server name (host)Service nameStatus (Feb2022)Contact (name, email)

SPHERE asteroid images and shape models (LAM, Marseille)


Pierre Vernazza,

MOVIS asteroids NIR colors (AIRA, Bucarest)

AIRAaira_dachs (TBC)movis

Marcel Popescu,

PDS PPI (UCLA + Iowa Univ)

PDS-PPI (test service)• Many services installed on server (65 as of end of April) - any reason to keep PDS datasets separated? Try and group if possible 
• Only one service on gitlab 

Steve Joy,

In Sook Moon,

Sunspots and coronal holes catalogues (ROB, Brussels)



service installed on server
Initial version on gitlab

Véronique Delouille, installed on server
Initial version on gitlab

Asteroid data catalogues - MP3C (OCA, Nice)



• service installed onserveron server
• q.rd on gitlab
• Being reviewed

Marco Delbo,

Europlanet VESPA: Various services at IRAP (GSO, Toulouse)


transplanet• published, to be upgraded

Jean-Michel Glorian,

cdpp-epntap.irap.omp.euillu67p• published, to be upgraded
cdpp-epntap.irap.omp.euamdadb• published, to be upgraded
climso.irap.omp.euclimso-db• published, to be upgraded (Not yet Dachs)polarbase_planets

Europlanet TA: data from lab and field studies

Gareth Davies,

Europlanet ML (IWF, Graz)

IWF• Initial version on gitlab

Ute Amerstorfer,• published, to be upgraded
+ change service name?• published, to be upgraded
+ change service name?
Europlanet VESPA: OATS (INAF, Trieste)OATSvespa.ia2artecs

Marco Giardino,