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PeopleData Base DescriptionInstitute / TeamShort description of serviceUse case(s) / goalRepresentative image (e.g. data/plot/graph/map)ppt or alike as presentedURL (when relevant)q.rd for your service (if relevant)
Berlin Spectral LibraryDLRLab spectra of minerals and meteoritesTo be made interoperable with PDS spectral lib and future spectral services (SSHADE, etc)   Built a csv file with info, then q.rd with mixin to build the view and populate with csvGrammar - almost finalized on 4th day.
PDS Spectral libraryLESIA, MeudonPDS archive compiled from various sources, set up for CRISM / MRO support, on PDS Geosciences node

Identify ways to describe samples and experimental setups.

Provide VOTable versions of files.

Make it usable in CASSIS

(general presentation of spectral data in VESPA)see spectro tutos

Data gathered under IDL, saved as csv. Then q.rd built from qrdcreator by M. Minin, hand-edited later. 
PSA PDS3 Data sampleEuropean Space Agency / PSA Deep look into grammars to retrieve info from PDS labels for several datasets.
Study of data access in case of PDS3 files

Andrea Connell, Shawn Brooks

Cassini CIRS ring dataJPL Assessment study of EPN-TAP services and VESPA infrastructure for Cassini derived data services to come. 



 Embedded grammar in the q.rd, in working order on a sample of data
Enlarge IMPEx tree in AMDA seviceIRAP/CDPP, IWF-ŒAW, Graz IMPEx Demonstrators and Tutorials Website. 

 IWF-EPN-TAP Data Center

The IMPEx Data Model and Protocol

 Populate IMPEx tree from Grammar in q.rd
LOFAR test service;
Space weather test service
SRC PAS, Poland


- both implemented with mixin

- Visu for LOFAR. Need to keep in touch at EGU to finalize

IAP, Prague

- Data spec for iPecman

- Set up own service to work with iPecman

- Issue with registration ?

  IAP EPN-TAP server 
NDALESIA / Obs ParisNançay decametric radio obs. of JupiterConversion to CDF format. Mixin and custom grammar reading the CDF files to fill the view. Very generic, working. 

Christophe Ordenovich

MP3COCACompilation of tables of small bodies propertiesMake existing service interoperable in VESPA, in particular with MPC, DynAstVO and M4ast EPN-TAP services.

Data retrieved on line and reorganized (compiled many table into one).

Current service does not use DACHS (same framework as PSA) 

Illumination 67P

+ another one

IRAP + Imperial CollegeIllumination maps for 67P, existing EPN-TAP serviceShows the comet illumination for a given lat/lon of the Sun in the comet frame. Next step: shows the comet illumination for a given time

 Illu67P: rewritten using grammar/mixin in q.rd
MRO/CRISM and other existing services at Jacobs UnivJacobsUni, Bremen
Automated filling of s_region param in surface related services


NASA dust catalogue update (currently ~ v1)

KHTM (Kelvin Helmhotz Tearing Mode) Earth (+67P)

IAPS, Rome

Provide access to MHD mixing layer model output. The model is utilized for simulating coupled Kelvin-Helmholtz and tearing mode instabilities at the Earth's magnetopause layer and has been updated for cometary environment.

In order to support the interpretation of published magnetometric data, a candidate case would be to investigate the magnetic field configurations and flow shear at the magnetic cavity at 67P. It could complement the studies on the position and the dynamics of the magnetic cavity boundary.

Density and magnetic field component By,
shown as illustration of developed Kelvin Helmholtz and tearing mode instabilities
(Model setup and description,
Ivanovski et al. 2011).


Dust catalogue rebuilt with csv file, qrdcreator and epn-tap2 mixin.

Same for second service, on-going