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List of EPN-TAP parameters
v2, 3/8/2015 (SE)
v3, 29/8/2015 (SE, integrating comments by PLS and BC)
v4, 7/9/2015 (SE, integrating comments by PLS)
v5, 7/10/2015 (SE, integrating comments by PLS: time_scale UCD)
v6, 7/11/2015 (SE, integrating comments by PLS/BC)
v7, 14/12/2015 (SE, added point 8, clarification of an older idea)
v8, 24/12/2015 (SE, review/integration of comments/corrections)
v9, 5-7/01/2016 (SE/BC, including comments from Chiara Marmo and Michel Gangloff)
v10, 21/02/2016 (SE, from model implementation of IKS)
v11, 11/5/2016 (SE, systematic comparison with ObsCore again & variations for spatial coordinates)



New in v2

  • The "laundry list" format makes services easier to design and to query
  • Allows grouping of results from several services at once
  • Supports multispacecraft observations
  • Speeds up mirroring of services (support for partial updates)
  • Better support of footprints, and better interface with GIS