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Using Aladin prototype v10 (6/6/2017) and TOPCAT v4.4 on MacOS

Standard planetary mapping in TOPCAT

• Standard setup for planetary maps in TOPCAT SkyPlot is:

(in Axes / Projection)
Projection =  sin (i.e., sphere),
Uncheck Reflect longitude axis,
View Sky System: Equatorial,

(in Axis / Grid)
Uncheck Sexagesimal
Increase Grid Crowding cursor value to 30 or 60° tick

• Standard setup for planetary maps in TOPCAT PlanePlot is:

(in Axes / Range)
Set Max X value to 360
Central meridian will always be on left side (not center)

Healpix generation from a table in TOPCAT


• In the Form panel, you can save the healpix map (cell #, plotting parameter) - saved at scale 12, apparently (FITS formatting is more efficient than VOTable, as it is compressed). You can also load an existing map from there.


• Open Skyplot panel, add New healpix layer, provide inputs
• Standard setup for planetary maps is (in Axis / Projection):
Projection =  sin (sphere),
Don't reflect longitude axis,
Sky system: Equatorial,
(in Axis / Grid): uncheck sexagesimalCorrect Healpix Data Level in particular (TOPCAT will try to guess, but this is uncertain)

• In Skyplot / Style panel, use Degrade and Combine mode to reduce resolution on the fly.