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• The hpx image is saved (somewhere) on disk automatically (you may have to search for it)

Open issue: this provides a correct E longitude frame. However, s_region footprints sent from an EPN-TAP service will now plot at the wrong longitude (see figure below with Huygens and Schiaparelli)
E.g. for Huygens crater, s_region = Polygon UNKNOWNFrame 55.582 -17.8305918846 54.7737623408 -17.7532983656…
(in short, s_region Unknown frame is incorrectly assumed W-handed)


MOC (Multi-Order Coverages) are footprints defined in terms of a healpix cells list mixing various resolutions. They provide immediate location information e.g. about intersections, and can accommodate footprints of arbitrary complexity (hollowed, non-connex, etc…). There is no explicit contour associated, so the usage is different from the s_region parameter.

  •  Should also retain info about original file coverages, for callback purpose.

- Load previous Mars MOLA HiPS in Aladin


• Then: test intersections with something else.
How do we do that? It is Is it scheduled under the Logical operations menu item in Aladin (currently not used)?