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  • Please read the call description before submitting your project.
  • Fill out the form below with summarized content, and put all details in the full submission file. 
  • In case for problem with form or question about your submission, please send a message to the VESPA Helpdesk .
ConfiForms Form Definition
lockedMessageSubmission closed
registrationFormTitleSubmit your Project

ProjectContactInfoContact Informationsection

TeamScienceContactNameScience Contact NameScience Contact Name too long: max 50 charactersContact person for Science aspects (50 characters max)texttrue^.{1,50}$

TeamScienceContactEmailScience Contact EmailScience Contact Email: invalid email addressContact person for Science aspects (Email)texttrue^[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+$

TeamTechContactNameTechnical Contact NameTechnical Contact Name too long: max 50 charactersContact person for Technical aspects (50 characters max)texttrue^.{1,50}$

TeamTechContactEmailTechnical Contact EmailTechnical Contact Email: invalid email addressContact person for Technical aspects (Email)texttrue^[a-zA-Z0-9_.+-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9-.]+$

TeamAddressProposer Postal AddressProposer Postal Address too long: max 100 charactersAddress of Science contact (100 characters max)texttrue^.{1,100}$

TeamInstituteProposer Lab or InstituteProposer Lab or Institute too long: max 50 charactersInstitute of Science contact (50 characters max), more details can be put in the submitted file.texttrue^.{1,50}$

TeamCountryProposer CountryProposer Country too long: max 50 charactersCountry of Science contact (50 characters max), more details can be put in submitted file.texttrue^.{1,50}$

ProjectInfoProject Informationsectiontrue

ProjectTitleProject TitleProject Title too long: max 200 charactersThis the title of your project (200 characters max)texttrue^.{1,200}$

ProjectScienceFieldScience Fieldfalse[2=Lab and Reference Data|3=Planetary Surfaces|4=Solar and Magnetospheres|5=Ephemeris and Small Bodies|6=Planetary Atmospheres|7=Exoplanets|8=Sub-surface and Interiors|]Select one or several applicable fieldsmultitrue

ProjectScienceDescScience DescriptionDescribe the science objective of the projecttextareatrue

ProjectContextProject ContextDescribe the international context of the projecttextareatrue

ProjectTechDescTechnical DescriptionTechnical Description too long: max 2000 charactersDescribe the technical infrastructure (software, database, hardware) of the projecttextareatrue

ProjectAudiencePotential AudienceDescribe the potential audience of the projecttextareatrue

ProjectPublicationsRelevant PublicationsList the publications related to the projecttextareatrue

ProjectDataStatusData StatusDescribe the origin and rights of the datatextareatrue

ProjectUseCasesUse CasesDescribe one or several use cases to explain a typical use for research or educationtextareatrue

DataDescriptionData Informationsectiontrue

ServiceProcessLevelData Processing LevelDescribe the processing level of the data included in the service textareatrue

ServiceDataUseDescData UsabilityDescribe the data usability or readiness leveltextareatrue

ServiceDataFormatData Format of distributed filesfalse[1=raw-binary|2=raw-ascii|3=FITS|4=VOTable|5=CDF|6=netCDF|7=HDF5|8=Proprietary (IDL, Matlab...)|9=other|]Describe the data usability or readiness levelselecttrue

ServiceDataNumberNumber of data products Number of distributed productsnumbertrue

ServiceDataSizeSize of database Size in MBytesnumbertrue

ServiceDataEvolutionDatabase EvolutionDescribe if the database is final or how it will evolvetextareatrue

ServiceDataTimeDatabase Time CoverageIf applicable, give the temporal coverage of the databasetextarea

ServiceDataHostingData Rights and LocationDescribe who is owning the data and where is it hostedtextareatrue

ServiceDatabaseTypeType of DatabaseDescribe briefly the database type, e.g., just a bunch of files, MySQL, PgSQL, XML database...textareatrue

ServiceDataSustainService sustainabilityDescribe your maintenance and sustainability planstextareatrue

ProjectFileFile Upload Upload your complete proposal application.sectiontrue

SubmitFileFilePlease upload a PDF file.PDF file (<5MB)filetrue^.*\.(pdf|PDF)$

ProjectSubmitSubmission Sectionsectiontrue



Send Emailsupport.vespa@obspm.fronCreatedVESPA AO 2018 submission confirmation[entry.TeamScienceContactEmail]

Dear [entry.TeamScienceContactName],

Thank you for your submission. We acknowledge that we have received your proposal entitled "[entry.ProjectTitle]" for the VESPA-AO-2019 2018 call.

If you have any questions, please send a message to


The VESPA team.

Send Emailbaptiste.cecconi@obspm.fronCreatedNew Submission for VESPA AO

New submission: [entry.ProjectTitle]

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  • Technical Contact = [entry.TeamTechContactName] ([entry.TeamTechContactEmail])
  • Institute = [entry.TeamAddress] / [entry.TeamInstitute] / [entry.TeamCountry]
  • Submitted File (see attached)
  • Submission Date = [entry.dateCreatedFormatted]
  • Project Science Field(s) = [entry.ProjectScienceField]

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