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Thursday 29 November

[coffee-break, 10:00-10:30; lunch at the canteen, 12:30-13:30; coffee-break, 15:00-15:30]

10.00 -10.30

Coffee break


10:30 -18.00


M.T. Capria/ S. Erard

S. Erard

SSHADE data model : samples, experiments and spectra description

==> SSDM-JRA-Rome_29Nov18_Schmitt.pdf

B. Schmitt

How to deal with T and P dependent measurements : exemple of thermodynamic data

B. Schmitt

A data model for Multi-Parameterized querying where spectral data meets GIS-based mapping archive 

==> Damore_VESPA....pptx

(Andrea Naß, Mario d'Amore, Jörn Helbert, and Ralf Jaumann)

M. d’Amore

How to deal with TA products?



[Social dinner in Frascati (TBC – the dinner is an exra cost and is not covered by the organizers)]

Friday 29 November

[lunch at the canteen, 13:00-14:00; coffee-break, 10:30-11:00]

9:00 - 13:00

Bidirectional Reflectance Spectroscopy, mineral detection and semiquantitative analysis: parameters relevant for a description of the data.

C. Carli

Dimensional characterizaton of particulated samples: parameters relevant for a description.

R. Politi

Review of the current EPN TAP parameters for solid spectroscopy, the available data service and further refined description for field studies purposes.

S. Erard/ S. Ivanovski/all

Discussion: What additional EPN-TAP parameters do we need to describe solid spectroscopy data? Description for field studies. 


Conclusions: next steps

S. Erard/ M. T. Capria/all


End of the meeting