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2018 discussions / conclusions have been included here

*_min vs *_max parameters

If only one value is available, it must appear in both fields


  • Mandatory :
    publisher - make it mandatory???
    add publisher_did as in Obscore (for DaCHS/registry; provides unique ID of service for this publisher/server)
  • Optional - TBC
    spatial_coordinate_description  (default = none)
    spatial_origin  (default = body center or SS barycenter? Or observer location)
    time_origin  (default = observer)
    time_scale (default = UTC – no other values allowed in data services? [only in computational services, e.g. ephemeris])
    Same values to be used in registry declaration 

• Call-back parameters / reference

Currently using service_title (= schema name) + granule_uid. 

May use ivoID in the future.

Other parameters

The most recent extra parameters often have names starting in prefix_*, where prefix identify the scope or context (e.g., spase_, vims_, image_, etc). Seems to be a good practice.