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This mode allows display of either file footprints (series of images , or spectral cubes) or extended pixels footprints (individual footprints spectra from spectral cubesa cube).Image RemovedImage Removed

• When FoV have 4 corners (or only3), use Add New Quadrilateral Plot in a SkyPlot or PlanePlot window

• In the Position tab, set the 4 Lon/Lat pairs to corners values

• In the Form tab, set Mode = Aux and select the adequate parameter as usual

• Set the other graphical parameters

If contours are more complex polygons, use the Polygon Form.

Image AddedImage Added

• If the table contains footprints provided through s_region (or with any STC-S Polygon string):

  - define a new column (e.g. "shape") with expression "parseDoubles(s_region)"

  - use Lon=shape[0], Lat=shape[1] as positions in Skyplot

  - add a new Form of type Polygon, and fill in Other Points field as "shape"

This applies either to image contours, to individual FoV for spectra, or other situations:

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Plotting on shape models in TOPCAT

If the table contains the Cartesian coordinates of individual measurements, TOPCAT can easily display in 3D:
(the shape model is then actually included in the data - but only where measurements exist)

• Open a 3D Cartesian plot window. X/Y/Z coordinates are preselected if the names are explicit enough. This also works in 2D plots, in the Z=0 plane.

• The usual plot options are available to superpose an Aux parameter.

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Mars HiPS generation in Aladin